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Dec 2006
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hi guys, a question for you all, its prob a verry basic one but
here goes (my first real post on here too, so be gentle)

how important is temperature? i know yeasts have to stay in a certain range , the one i am currently using must be between 19 and 27 however, is there any importance in maintaining a particular temperature within this range? and if so
what is the best way i can achieve this.

thanks guys, your help is much appreciated

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Different yeast strains like different temperature.

The higher the temperatures the more fruity flavour the beer will have, the lower the temperature the slower the ferment and the yeast may not get the brew down to the required FG or may stop.

I'd be a little concerned if my brew was spending to much time up at 27c.
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Mar 2006
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Temperature is a pretty big deal when it comes to making great beer. The off-flavors that come with high temps are numerous and unpleasant. Rapid chilling of the wort and lower, stable fermentation have been the two best things I have done for my beer.
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boo boo
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IMO the best tempertutre for the yeast is the lowest that is reccomended for the yeast.
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Dec 2006
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oh ok
so i will try to lower my brew down to lower temperatures
thanks guys for your help, much appreciated guys

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To answer the second part, there are dozens of ways to lower the temperature. Many of them involve tubs of water and bath towels.
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Jun 2006
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IMHO, time and temperture is pretty much everything with making beer.

How to keep temps down? Well in summer months I place the primary in my batch tub with a large beach towel wrapped around it. I put the whole deal under the spicket and start a drizzle on the top of the primary. That runs for the duration of primary fermentation. I also place a fan blowing down on the primary to further cool it. The evaporating water will suck the heat out of the beer. I achieve around 65-68°F during the summer months with ambient around 80°F.
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All that energy and water wasted. A trickle of water for 7+ days? A fan blowing on it too? Would it not just be easier to regulate the temps by freezing a few 2-liter soda bottles and adding/replacing them as necessary? I mean, your method works, obviously, but it seems grossly wasteful. Something to think about.

But, yes...I started brewing in July, and since them temps have gone down, my brews have gotten better. I'm gonna make everything I need for the summer while it's still cold, so I don't have to worry too much during those sweltering summer months.
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I put my primary in a bathtub in about 10-12 inches of cold water and periodically dump ice in the water. For this last batch it has kept temperatures around 61 to 64 degrees.
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