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Feb 2009
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I am interested in the different molecules that shape the flavor of beer. I have been conducting test batches to target certain flavors such as dimethyl sulfide and diacetyl, however I am interested in trying different commercial beers that exemplify such flavors.
The flavors/molecules I am interested in include, but are not limited to, diacetyl, dimethyl sulfide, isovaleric acid, acetaldehyde, isoamyl acetate, ethyl hexenoate, trichlorophenol, etc...

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Interesting. One would hope that too many commercial examples of these don't exist, however at my homebrew club's meetings we frequently discover one or two. Many would be batch dependent, and would probably be from smaller micros. If I got a bottle that exhibited these I'd bring the bottles back to the store for a refund. I don't have any specific examples... sorry!

/PS: have you thought about just getting the flavor example pack for the BJCP cert?
Also, on the BJCP site they mention what type of additives you could add to beers to make them exhibit these flavors; ie adding white vinegar to a pils etc...

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diacetyl: Pilsner Urquell
isoamyl acetate: any Bavarian wheat beer
dimethyl sulfide: most pale continental lagers, eg Bitburger
acetaldehyde: Budweiser
isovaleric acid: Orval, Ommegedon, lambic etc. There is a lot going on in brett beers but most have above threshold isolaveric acid. This is one that no beer is going to intentionally feature.
ethyl hexenoate: most ales will have a reasonable amount of this, I can't think of one that has obvious or obnoxious levels (like german wheat beers do with isoamyl acetate).
trichlorphenol: none intentionally have this, try some chloroseptic.

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