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Feb 2013
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Originally Posted by m1ke View Post
Thanks for the inspiration, guys!

I attached a picture of my 5 gallon keg cooler... its maiden voyage was a success today at work.
When you cut the hole into the cooler lid, is there foam or insulation exposed? if so how do you close that up?

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May 2009
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Originally Posted by brewbush View Post
I just got the 3 gallon kegs and the 70qt cooler in the mail, however I can not fit them inside. They seem to be too large in circumference.

What should I do? Am i missing something?

I have also cut off the small rubber protrusion on the bottom of the keg, but they still do not fit.
Are they the ones with the rubber top or the single metal handle. I got my 2.5 gallons to fit but i had to use vegetable oil to get the second to slide in. Once you have done it let them sit and it will strech the plastic a bit. The first time it took a lot of effort and wiggling back and forth. All attempts after that were easier

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Jan 2013
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bookmarked so I can have this for summer. Thanks to the OP!

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Seamus Mitwurst
Oct 2007
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Ned Keggy

Being a lurker, I sometimes forget that I might should share things. So, today, after unloading more stuff from the Old Settler's Music Festival, I saw my portable keggerator and decided that I needed to share. A friend has christened it "Ned Keggy" after the Australian fellow with the funny outfit.
These coolers come without insulation in the lid, so that was fixed in the construction. This still has ice in it that was put there on Friday (4 days in the sun). The lid and tower are filled with insulative spray foam. It ain't pretty but it is bomb-proof and stays cold for a long damn time.

1 cooler
1 sheet metal place (approx. size of the lid)
Pop rivets
Spray foam
Galvanized metal duct collar
Galvanized bucket
Spare wood (2X2s and a 2X4 for the frame that the thumbscrews use to hold the bucket on top of the collar)
tap and hoses
old regulator
paint ball tank
silicon caulk
tee nuts and thumb screws

Basic build instructions.
Cut hole in lid. Cut hole in sheet metal. Place duct collar over the hole, place sheet metal over duct collar, drill holes around edge of sheet metal pop rivet in place. Screw three 2X2s and one 2X4 inside the collar (upright, height of the collar). Place bucket over collar, drill holes for thumb screws through bucket, collar and frame. Countersink the back of the holes for the tee nuts. Mark the location of the 2X4 in the bucket for the tap shank. Attach 2X4 to bucket and drill hole for shank. Fill the lid with spray foam and line the collar and bucket with spray foam, allow to cure. Carefully trim so that the foam in collar and bucket meet when placed together. Paint the foam for easier cleaning. Assemble tap, beer and gas lines. Caulk edges of the sheet metal place and any open spaces in lid.

Still needs:
Drip tray or bucket.
Something to hold the paintball tank inside the box.

Has run probably six corny kegs of drink (a few small meads, a small cyser, a Ranger IPA clone and a few of our House brown ales).
Click image for larger version

Name:	Ned Keggy.jpg
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Dec 2012
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Nice work. Definitely looks less like a bomb than mine does... ill get another pic up soon. Broke in in 2 weekends ago and was a massive hit. As we walked to the pool some guy saw it and was like "Damn... y'all know how to party right..."

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Jan 2012
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I now have all the parts to make this happen, going to try and wrap it up this weekend or next.

I did a quick test fit of the kegs and it appears like others have noted some modification is required. The current AEB 3 gallon rubber bottom kegs have a slight ridge where the rubber protrudes slightly wider than the diameter of the keg itself. I think some strategic shaving will make them fit in the 70qt igloo properly..... I hope!

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Jul 2007
Bryan, Texas
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Yessir, a little shaving on that ridge plus a little Vaseline or keg lube to slide it in should get those kegs to fit. It will be tight, but you wont have to worry about them sliding around at all
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Jan 2012
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I just need to decide on the post alignment in the cooler so I can shave the right spots...... decisions decisions

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Apr 2012
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Originally Posted by theshoe82 View Post
Pic 2: This is the inside of the cooler. The day I took the pics I had it setup for a single keg with the coldplate. Had 4 bags of ice inside and it took the beer from about 65 degrees (ambient) room temp to about 40 degrees after a few cups.

The coldplate is a 3 pass, and I can remove it for two 3 gallon kegs when using it as a standalone rig.
I think I'm going to do the same thing, but with dual 70ft stainless coils instead of a cold plate, that would make this perfect for my needs! a jockey box when I need it to be, a compact portable cooler when I need it to be. and it will take up a small foot print.

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May 2010
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Originally Posted by speedoguy View Post
I think I'm going to do the same thing, but with dual 70ft stainless coils instead of a cold plate, that would make this perfect for my needs! a jockey box when I need it to be, a compact portable cooler when I need it to be. and it will take up a small foot print.
That will work, too!

I went with the coldplate just because it was cheaper (3 beverage cold plate) as I picked it up for $80 shipped (used). However, steel coil should be lighter and possibly more efficient as there is more surface area for the ice to cool down the lines. Be sure to post pics when you are done!

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