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So I wanted to make my second Braggot over the weekend.

2 lbs honey, 1.5 lbs DME, .5 gallons water at a boil to mix the DME and Honey, 1 gallon cold water, American Ale yeast.

All went fine until I put it in the 2 gallon pale. Actually it was still good at that point. I put the lid on and airlock and with in about a half an hour I was getting some activity in the air lock. Come back the next day and I notice that I can see some bubbles coming up the tube for the airlock. No problem I figured that I had the tube to far into the bucket. Pulled it out a little bit. Went on about my business. Came back a few hours latter, solution coming out the airlock out the sides of the pail under the bucket seal. So I figure all right through a hose on top and let the foam just go out into a jar of water. No dice foam still coming out of the seal on the bucket. Finally after about an hour of me trying not to just dump the whole thing. I popped the lid and cleaned the seal and took out about sixteen ounces of solution. Put the lid back on and said "That is it anymore funny business and you are going down the drain". Three days later no foam coming out of anything.

I figure that this is going to taste like Peppe Le Pew smells when I finally get done with it. But we will see if I'm wrong.

On a side not the girlfriend wasn't to impressed with my story about the airlock getting fowled and shooting to the ceiling. I guess I was lucky and the pressure was released a different way on my pail.

I also made a Hard Cider before the Braggot and used American Ale yeast as well in that. I left about an inch in a one gallon glass carboy. By the time I was done with the Braggot the cider was bubbling like a bottle of soda. Stong stuff that American Ale Yeast.

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The outgoing pressure should protect it and keep it from going bad.
If your girlfriend is not impressed, I still have a stained ceiling that she could come and clean!
Blowoffs can be rather spectacular, loud, messy, and my last one was a porter so it made a very visible mess with the dark stains. That is why I never store carboys in closets with cloths.
But don't worry, your brew will be fine, just give it time and next time / ALWAYS use a blowoff tube to start with, then throw on the airlock later, or don't bother.
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