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Recipe Type: All Grain   
Yeast: WLP001   
Yeast Starter: 1L   
Batch Size (Gallons): 5.5   
Original Gravity: 1.056   
Final Gravity: 1.010   
IBU: 18.5   
Boiling Time (Minutes): 60   
Color: 4.2 SRM   
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 21 Days @ 68F   
Tasting Notes: Sweet and light. The lawnmower beer of 2010   

This is my simple Honey Wheat recipe. Made from leftover ingredients after doing Edwort's Bavarian Hefeweizen. I was hoping for a LOT of honey flavor and aroma, but I'm not sure yet if it's come through fully. It's in bottles and carbed up, but it's only been a couple of weeks. The hydro sample tasted GREAT and I'm hoping to have a few of these around this summer. My apologies if this looks like crap, it's the first recipe I've posted. I'll put up a pic of the brew in a glass too once it's done conditioning.

Recipe is for 75% efficiency. You may wish to use rice hulls for filtering, I do not.

4 lbs Pale Malt (2-row) US (2.5 SRM)
4 lbs Wheat Malt, German (2.2 SRM)
1 lb Wheat Malt, Dark (7.3 SRM)
All of the malts were Muntons products distributed by Crosby & Baker

0.5 oz Cascade 5.4%AA @ 60 min
0.5 oz Cascade 5.4%AA @ 30 min
1 oz Cascade 5.4%AA @ Flameout -- Steep for 10 min before chilling
All hops were pellet Cascade @ 5.4% AA

1.5 lb. Clover Honey
Honey was Berkeley & Jensen brand from BJs -- sold in 3 lb container

1.25 qt/lb @ 152F for 75 minutes (11.25 qt total)
Stir every 15 min

Sparge with 2 batches of 190F water -- ~2.5 gallons per batch

Boil for 60 minutes to get about 5.5 gallons final volume. At flameout, add 1 oz Cascade and add 1.5 pounds of honey and stir it up. After 10 minutes, the honey should be pasteurized and you can begin cooling.

Rack it to primary when cool, pitch about a 1L starter of WLP001 California Ale yeast and ferment for 3 weeks at 68F.

Fermenting: A few beers

Conditioning: A few other beers
Bottled: A few more beers
Kegged: Many beers
Next Brews: More beers than you could imagine

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