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Aug 2008
Roanoke, VA
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Now I know to give it a good wash out with water, fill and let it drain to rid it of previous grains but I am curious if you all oxiclean your mash tun?

I ask because everything that comes from the mash tun is going to be boiled anyway so I don't see the need to "thoroughly" clean it. But at the same time I'm in learning mode and figured it's always best to ask before assuming anything.
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Jun 2009
Wayne, PA
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I have a pump on my CB20 system, so I send hot oxyclean through the entire system after a brew, including the mash tun. I don't think you need a sanitized mash tun, but a clean one is certainly a good start to any brew day.

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Dec 2008
San Angelo, Texas
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I use a cooler, I dump the grain, rinse, let dry, then blow out any dried husks that are left. That's all. It's water soluble sugar so a good rinse is all I think it needs.
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Feb 2010
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I pump Oxi through my entire system (RIMS, BK and MLT) to clean it, so that is all it gets.

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Apr 2009
Indian Mills, NJ
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Jun 2005
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I recently realized that it was 5 years since the last time I oxicleaned my cooler, so I broke down and did it again....once every 5 years is pretty much my ROT. Usually, I just dump out the grain and rinse it. And I never let it sit full of grain....I usually empty it within about 15 min. of when the mash is done.
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Sep 2009
Jackson, Mississippi
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I dump, rinse, then fill with about 2 gallons of starsan/water and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I hook up to my pump and run it through my pump, lines, CFC, and into my fermenter. The MLT doesn't have to be sanitized, but it is easy to use it to pump sanitizer through everything else while waiting on the boil to start up. After brewing, I just rinse the leftovers out of the kettle and then run some oxyclean/water through the whole system, minus MLT.

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Aug 2008
Portland OR
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maggots, got them from an incomplete clean up once. now use hot oxy & rinse well.

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May 2008
Victoria BC, Canada
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90% of brewing is cleaning... so therefore I clean my mash tun. I clean it with the solution I make up for cleaning my boil kettle.

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Apr 2007
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rinse, knock off the clinging grain with a scrubby, rinse
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