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Jan 2008
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I'm planning to brew a basic American Wheat from Northern Brewer tomorrow. My girlfriend wants to add we are adding orange. But, I'd like to do it correctly. I've read some recipes that call for orange peel or orange zest added to the boil. And, some that call for orange zest added to the secondary. Has anyone modified a wheat recipe with orange? Can someone suggest a good approach i.e. how much orange peel or zest and how long? (recipe below)



Kit Inventory


4 lbs. Rahr White Wheat
4 lbs. Rahr 2-Row Pale
Boil Additions

1 oz. Willamette (60 min)
1 oz. Cascade (15 min)
If you choose dry yeast

Safale US-05. Optimum temperature: 59-75° F.

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Nov 2008
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one time i used fresh orange peel to an american wheat like this, and chopped it up with a slap chop. the beer had a fairly yucky bitterness behind it, like if you licked the inside of a grapefruit peel. then i talked to a few other brewers, and they told me that i needed to use the zest grater on my cheese grating block, and only take the orange color off of the oranges (which from what i hear takes quite a few oranges). lucky for me, my wife loves to eat oranges.

i would recommend using about half an ounce of zested orange peel per 5 gallons of beer, added to the last ten minutes of the boil

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Jan 2010
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I brewed some about a month ago. I used orange zest of 3 oranges in the last 10 min of boil. Then orange zest of 2 oranges in the secondary for about 1 week. The bitterness that shanekasey is talking about is from the white of the peel. Do not put that in, just the zest and it should come out pretty good. I know mine did and no bitterness at all.

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Check out this topic:

In particular, the posts by Wayne. He says they used valencia orange zest in Blue Moon as opposed to others because of its sweetness. Other oranges could impart a bitterness.
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Check this thread -
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Yea that is a basic starting point for an American wheat....I usually add some crushed corriander and orange peel for the last 5 min. 1/2 or a pound of flaked oats wouldn't hurt either...i use regular quick oats from the supermarket...they make it a lil more creamy foamy...has that.

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First off, that recipe will make a very nice American Wheat with US-05, without changing anything.

To add orange, you can add dried orange peel (bitter and/or sweet), fresh orange zest, or Orange Jelly (marmalade). I've only used the dried peel and I wasn't that pleased. It was ok, but not the aroma I was looking for. The next time, I'm going to try 6-8 oz of Orange Marmalade. It should already be sterile, so I can add it well into the wort chilling phase of brewing (or even to the fermenter a few days later). I haven't tried it yet, so I cannot personally vouch for this method, but I figure the later you add the orange, the more aroma you'll get.

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I use zest from 1 orange per 5g. Perfect for me. Do not dig into the white pith (either use a zesting tool or the fine side of a kitchen grater).

I throw it in 5 minutes from the end of the boil. I remove it when I transfer to fermenter.

- Andrew

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Jan 2008
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Hey, I'm brewing up a citrus American Wheat as we speak! I got some sweet and bitter orange peel from my LHBS. It comes in one ounce packets from Brewers Best.

Good Luck!! Mine just started boiling

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I'm jealous...I'm still waiting for my barley crusher from austin HBS...ordered 22 days's killing me. I got rid of my corona mill too (buddy) so I have a bunch of grain and no way of crushing..........ahhh
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