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Dec 2009
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Just curious what method is used by most for aeration of must. I have been using the “shake the hell out of the bucket” method for the duration of my short homebrewing career and even shorter mead making career. I’ve thought about going the aquarium pump route as a cost effective way to introduce more oxygen, but I just can’t get past the idea that, along with more oxygen, I will probably be pumping wild yeast and contaminates into the must. Any ideas on an economical way to get better aeration without introducing possible contaminates?

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Fear not, just use one of these.


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Sep 2009
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I use the shake the jug method also. I use partial boils so I have 3 gallons or so of R/O standing by in the primary during the brewing, so I take that opportuntiy to shake the jug for a few minutes. Hold it close to your body, keep your back staright and use your legs. It works great and is great exercise.

I forgot who it was, but someone in a basic brewing interview said that 4 minutes of shaking was as effective as pumped aeration. It was also said that there is such a thing as too much oxygen. The yeast will use up the available oxygen within hours of pitching (assuming you pitched a healthy starter).

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A whisk and a strong right arm - low tech, but very effective.
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Or just two buckets, dumping it back and forth a couple four times does the trick.
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Dec 2009
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Sweet! Thanks for the replies.

Wildwest - nice avatar!

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Shake it like a baby
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Now that I'm firmly in the no heat ever method -- a good few minutes with the wine whip to dissolve the honey into the water and then to froth the crap out of it should do the trick.

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I whoop it with a slotted brew paddle, since I do my primaries in 5-(Imperial)gallon or loose-lidded 10 gallon buckets.

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