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Mar 2010
Vegas Baby...Yeah
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well, this is all I have to your dreams

I did a batch on saturday night and I guess I had to much to drink (there's a shock). at 3:00am I awoke after having a dream where I forgot to put the cap on the airlock. I walked to the carboy and sure enough, I hadn't put the cap on the airlock

I am sure this had happened to more than one person on here, share your story lol
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I had a dream that you forgot to put the cap on your airlock. Now, that is weird.
- Andrew

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Jan 2010
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usually if i have a dream, it is seriously screwed up, atleast the ones I remember, and they wake me up in the middle of the night and i think happy thoughts, like beer, and babes, and head and hops, and pints and pale ales, and go back to sleep.

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Sep 2008
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I had nightmares my secondary was overflowing. First fruit beer with ~5lbs of strawberries in a 5gal carboy. I kept waking up all night and couldn't sleep. Sure enough when i got up in the morning I had about 3lbs of strawberry goop on the carpet.

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Jun 2006
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One night I had a vivid dream involving Denzel Washington and beer. Both were very good.

But I've never had a brewing dream, at least that I can recall.
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Aug 2009
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I had a dream last week that someone was giving me advise on a beer recipe. I can't remember the varieties or amounts, but I do remember the grain bill had five different malts in it.

Another time a while back I dreamed that I was picking hop cones strait off the vine and eating them and they tasted like strawberries.
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Aug 2009
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The wonders of the subconscious mind. Sometimes, if I cant remember something like a name of a person or recall something, I tell myself to think about it subconsciously and then about 1 day later...I will be doing something completely unrelated/innocuous and it will come to me. Pop! just like that. I love that about the human brain.
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Mar 2010
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I had a dream where you all bought me a round.

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Aug 2009
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Originally Posted by Jdecarol View Post
I had a dream where you all bought me a round.
keep dreaming.

[see what I did there?]
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