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I want to buy a wort chiller (immerson), what is the best to go with?
I know that a steel one is stronger, but a copper chills better.

How much better does copper chill?
I want to chill 10 gallons, and looking to brew once or twice a week. (Sharing the equipment with people.)

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Jan 2009
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Stronger? Has anyone ever broken a copper wort chiller, without doing something stupid to it?

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I can't imagine there would be much of a difference. Copper might be cheaper? Maybe?
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I use secondaries. :p
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I'd go with copper. If you ever decided you want to re-shape it because you got a new, larger diameter kettle or something, you will have a much easier time unrolling and re-rolling copper than steel.
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This difference in chilling effectiveness if fairly negligible. SS was cheaper for me at my LHBS...

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Lower maintenance.
No oxide to contend with every time you use it.
Prettier too.

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Nov 2009
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I wouldn't think it matters much, Stainless is lower maintenance than copper as its going to stay shiny and all whereas the copper will dull.

I was quite surprised how quickly I was able to chill 10 gallons last night with a little 3/8" by 25' copper. 20 minutes from a boil to 75

Both will work, depends on your budgetary constraints and aesthetic preferences
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Cost being equal, I would go stainless just because of the lack of oxidation. I usually dip my copper chiller in starsan and rinse off before putting it in the boil. I dont like putting a dingy looking chiller into the wort and pulling it out shiny. I would rather put it in shiny. I have a 3/8" 25 foot stainless chiller, but it just doesnt do the job quick enough, so I built a 1/2" 50 foot copper one.

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Oct 2009
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I put a dull copper chiller in my wort and pull out a dull copper chiller.
I give no poops how shiny it is. It chills great and gets a good rinse afterwards and put away.

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