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Dec 2008
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Mine is a cabernet sauvignon... so I have 6 gallons of it ready to bottle right now!
SWMBO... reisling, so we just bottled hers.

I have also found a nice pinot nior that isnt to expensive either. I think its Running Horse, or Wild Horse, I cant remember. But it is my favorite Pinot Noir now.
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Jan 2010
Danbury, Ct
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I enjoy a nice Shiraz. In addition, Blackstone Cabernet has always treated me well. In essence, I enjoy a dry red.

Also, if I'm going to drink a white wine, I'll go for an Austrian or German white.

As a random recommendation, if anyone lives on the east coast I would absolutely recommend a trip to the Finger Lakes in New York. They make some excellent Rieslings. I'm planning a trip out there this summer.
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Member of a winemaking club and had a great Cab Sauv night last night. Best wine of the night was a 2008 Cellar Craft Red Mountain Cab that was barrel-aged for 10 months.

Favourite white is chardonnay. But white wine is...whatever. It's not really serious wine.

For reds, the bigger the better; probably amarone is at the top. Syrah/shiraz is another favourite, a good cab sauv is nice. There are good GSM blends out there. Pinot noir, zinfandel, stuff like that is a bit light-bodied for me but it has its place.

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Mar 2010
Saint Louis, Missouri
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Wine is my love, and beer my mistress.

I currently am infatuated with Red Rioja out of Spain. Specifically the 1994-96 vintages. Other favorites include Shiraz/Viognier blend out of Australia, heady/heavy malbecs out of south america (good carmenere as well), and of course the zins and cabs out of cali/oregon/washington.

Bascially I can sum it up saying I enjoy the big bodied juicy wines that carry dark undertones of oak, dark fruit, leather, anise, tobacco, and earth.
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Originally Posted by Homercidal View Post
Barley Wine.
Damn you beat me to it.
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The only wines I really don't care for are heavily oaked Chards. We sampled some non-oaked Chards when we were visiting the Finger Lakes; did a side-by-side comparision, same wine, just one oaked and one fermented only in stainless, and much preferred the lighter, crisper unoaked.

What I've really been getting into lately have been some nice ports; excellent with a nice chocolate dessert.
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Oct 2009
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"Wine is my love, and beer my mistress."

I used to be in the same situation but now that I am actually brewing my own beer (versus purchasing wine) I think that things are the other way around or perhaps I am a Polygamist

Funny thing is that I find myself doing many of the things that I did when I drank more fine wine - I swirl the beer in the goblet/glass to get it to open up a bit and release some of the aromas & flavors. I also like to take a sniff of the beer prior to drinking to see what I can detect. Pairing different beers with various dishes is really an interesting thing and I actually find it more chaellenging than doing so with wine. Because the beer is so good I find myself drinking it more slowly and enjoying it more than I used to.

I also really like the fact that I can brew 5 gallons of great beer for around $30 ($50 for Pliney and some of the more hoppy brrews) whereas I would spend $20 or more for a decent bottle of wine which would last one evening. Times are tight but you still have to drink, no? Montanaandy

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Jan 2010
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One of my favorite wines of all time is Vega Tolusa (o?) Spanish Cabernet, its 100% cab (no merlot blended in it) yet is off-dry, and has a huge offering of dark fruits. For $8/bottle it has no contenders in my book.

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Sep 2007
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Argentina Malbec (from the Mendoza region) or maybe a good Spanish Tempranillo

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Aug 2009
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A good Californian Pinot Noir or a good Missouri Norton always satisfy me.
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