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Jan 2009
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Nice! I noticed that you place the cap on the bottle. Nothing wrong with that, but my bench capper has a magnet inside the bell which holds the cap. Does yours not have a magnet like that? Just curious. I'm also thinking that you might be able to rig it to be self adjusting for different bottle sizes by using a compression spring mechanism above the bell like a shock absorber sort of. Don't know if that's clear or not and not sure if it would be worth the trouble to build, but if you need something to work on, that might be it!

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Sep 2007
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If that's the case, and if the bell is steel, couldn't you just throw a magnet on the outside of it to hold the cap? I'll have to try that when i get home just for kicks.
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Yeah I messed around a bit with magnets. The key to an inside-the-bell magnet is to have it extend down to the cap, but then be able to retract out of the way when capping. The rod end of the air cylinder is solid so there's no room for anything to go unless I hollowed it out some (believe me I thought of it). I tried magnets on the outside of the bell too but couldn't get it to hold consistently.

Now what I really want to make is some sort of automatic cap feeder...hmmm

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PROST!!! I love it.
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I like it and I like the fact that the stroke of the cylinder will allow for slight variances in bottle height.

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Dec 2007
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Well done, I like your capper.


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Dec 2009
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That is so effin sweet.
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Bottle capping porn at its best, great job.

Make it adjustable and market that badboy!
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Awesome. I love the foot pedal.

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Man, that thing is badass. But...

Personally I wouldn't want to have my hand anywhere near that bottle when firing the capper. While it may seem like a reasonable amount of force, it only takes one bad bottle... and that'd most likely be a lot of glass shards jammed squarely into your palm.

In factories, a lot of machines like this have two switches to activate them, meaning you can't physically put your hand anywhere near it when it does its thing.

I think it'd be a good idea to at least figure out some way for it to hold the bottle such that you don't have to have your hand wrapped around it when the capper comes down... but that's just me.
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