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Mar 2010
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So this beer(?) started off as an idea to use as many South American ingredients in a beer as my brew partners and myself could think of. This evolved into the idea to make fifteen gallons as there are three of us. We then decided to use an equal or greater amount of honey than malt in order to drive the gravity up to what we were looking for. As one of us had a huge amount (120+lbs) of honey stock-piled this would be a very cheap method of doing so.
We wanted to use quinoa, so I did some research on roasting grains and found it to be quite simple. I roasted my quinoa after thoroughly rinsing and then soaking it over night. I was going for an amber malt, though next time I would use only the red quinoa for this. The blend of red, black, and white quinoa was quite tasty after roasting though. I ended up with 2.55 lbs out of the three that I started with.
The yeast was primed for two days at 68 degrees in a solution of yeast nutrient and DME. I chose the WLP099 for this one, as I did not want to mess around with pitching champagne yeast in the secondary. That portion of the process is already going to be complicated enough.
So without further ado, here are the ingredients and recipe for this very experimental brew in the Sh!t-You series of beers.(Inside joke, I apologize)

Ingredients for 15 gallons extract with honey added.

Specialty Grain
2.55lbs roasted red,black,and white quinoa
1lb roasted barley
.6lbs honey malted barley
.75lbs carapils

13.5 lbs amber LME
2lbs Briess Dark DME
20lbs Brazilian Wildflower Honey

4 oz Simcoe
3 oz Saaz

Boil: 1.1 lbs freeze dried maca equivalent to 330 servings
8 oz of 91% cacao Theo chocolate bars
3/4 tsp Agar
In secondary:1/2 lb suave mate'
10 ozs cacao nibs
Three sticks of palo santo shavings
Passion Flower of an undetermined amount
And a top-secret ingredient in a very small amount

Yeast:WLP 099 Extreme High Gravity Ale yeast

Steep Grains at 155 for 45 min in six and a half gallons of water.
Remove grain and sparge at 175 degrees with five gallons of water.
Bring to a boil(duh)
90 min: Add 4oz of Simcoe, and put the chocolate bars on the double boiler
75 min: Add 2lbs of Briess Dark DME, stir in
40 min: Add 13.5lbs of amber LME
25 min: Add 8 oz of melted chocolate
15min: Add 3/4 tsp Agar
10min: Add 3 oz Saaz and 1.1lbs maca, stir in maca thoroughly
0min: Remove from heat

Upon flame out I strained out as many of the hops as I could before cooling. It took about an hour to get the wort down to 67 degrees. We utilized an ice bath and a wort chiller to do so. I then pitched the previously primed yeast into three carboys.
O.G. was 1.160 with the honey.
Fermentation was rapid and violent. Now on day three, have yet to check progress.

Updates to come.

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Dec 2007
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Well, I cannot give my judgement on the concotion with out knowing what the top secret ingredient in a very small amount IS. Why even post it if your not going to tell us? With that being said, good luck and keep us posted, sounds like a mess and a gaggle, but will have alcohol providing the yeast can do their thing. As for taste, ??? Eeeeewwwwwweeeeee.

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Feb 2010
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The combination of a "secret ingredient" and the fact you're calling this the "Sh!t-You series of beers" is concerning.
Drink what you like and share when you can. Support your local breweries.

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Mar 2010
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The 'secret' ingredient is some coca leaf a friend brought back from South America. Not much mind you, just a tea bag worth. As it takes ten kilos to make one gram of cocaine, it is not a big deal. It should not affect flavor.
The yeast is definitely doing it's thing. Initial fermentation was extraordinarily violent, in that the airlock was kissing off every quarter of a second(I timed it out to eighth notes). It's only just now subsided to about one a second.
The Sh!t You series is an ode to our preferred nomenclature for the word drunk. I.E. "I am far too sh!tty right now" or "That beer shat me". All of the beers in this series are meant to encompass one central theme such as South America, tea beers(oolong, puerh, etc...), or something as simple as chocolate. The other factor is alcohol percentage. I do not really drink anything under eight percent,nor do I enjoy session beers for the most part, but if it has a tag that says imperial I am on it. Thus our goal being to get you drunk from twelve to twenty ounces of beer, that tastes wonderfully unlike anything you have experienced.

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Feb 2010
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Originally Posted by delinquent View Post
And a top-secret ingredient in a very small amount
It's dehydrated Jaguar testes, isn't it?
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Pumpkin seeds?

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Jan 2010
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I guess you'd have to go for gold in this, since the Hockey thing didn't work out at the Olympics (i poke fun cause I love)

Keep everyone posted. Sounds like an intense brew. Probably going to have a very interesting taste. Never heard of anybody using quinoa in beer, but stuff sure is tasty. I'm not sure the coca will be anything to worry that diluted (im guessing). probably more akin to early Cola amounts. But still im very intrigued.

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Mar 2010
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Racking over today. I am going to take a gravity reading, and pitch all of the adjuncts into the secondary. I have some nice little muslin tea bags to put the palo santo, passiflora, and cacao nibs into.
I'll try and post the results soon.

Also, I neglected to state how the honey was added. All twenty pounds were diluted with distilled water in a five gallon carboy. This was used to top up the primary fermenters. I liked doing this so much, I may use this technique on most of my future batches with a reduced amount of honey.

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