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My LHBS sells a sanitizer (very expensive) that is a mixture of Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Silicate. I was reading the ingredients on the no-name, store brand dishwasher detergent in my cabinet and I was suprised to find that the 2 ingredients were in fact Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Silicate. Am I missing something?

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I'm guessing the LHBS sanitizer is unscented. Your detergent probably isn't. Go with what you like but I'd personally suggest ordering StarSan. It's way overpriced, way way way actually at my LHBS, so I order the 32oz bottles online. Lasts a long time and is super awesome!

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Dec 2009
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I dont think thats a sanitizer so much as its a cleaner. Another cheap option for cleaner is Oxy-Clean free (unscented).

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its not just the active ingredient, but the whole cocktail.

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sodium carbonate and silicates sounds like a detergent, most detergents will have a similar composition, though the addition of EDTA or better yet phosphates would be good.

I think automatic dishwasher detergent (unscented) is fine for brewery cleaning (and better than oxy clean). I would not use it as a sanitizer.

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Mar 2008
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Oh, the wonders of terminology! "Sanitizers" are items recognized by the EPA as (1) safe and (2) proven killers. Labeling something as a "sanitizer" without the blessing of the EPA is a violation of law, although many a LHBS has been known to be creative with this terminology. CA EPA got persnickity lately and visited numerous LHBS even citing some for labeling Soda Ash as a 'Barrel Sanitizer' when the State EPA has no such approval on record for that item in that use, regardless of whether it may be effective or not. My Pink Panther Detective Manual indicates that perhaps a similar use of creative labeling may be afoot here as well.

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