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Oct 2009
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I stepped on the scale the other day -- big mistake! I didn't like what I saw. So I have a choice. Either cut back on the beer, or cut back on the food.

Don't get me wrong, it's not just beer that's causing the problem. I love to eat, and I eat a lot. I love to cook (not as much as I love to brew), and eat good stuff. But I eat a lot of crap as well. I do work that keeps me in my truck a lot, so I hit a lot of drive-thrus. Empty calories, but damn, it tastes good!

So the question is: do I cut back on the drive-thru food, or on the beer? My answer is already formulated, I'm just curious what choice you guys have made, or might have to make.

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Sep 2009
Detroit, Michigan
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I must admit I can't cut back on either. I go with the exercise route. Eat the same, drink the same, workout more.

But if I had to... Well, it'd be less food.

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Neither. Exercise.
- Andrew

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Dec 2008
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get rid of the junk food. it is killing this country. beer is good for you. burger king is not.
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Jan 2010
Coralivlle, IA
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I say cut back on the food (more importantly cut back on the junk and eat more good stuff), exercise more, drink more beer. I recently had a similar realization. The big thing for me is the working out. Now that the weather is getting nice I am going to have to do some serious weight losing.
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Jun 2006
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I'm in the same boat. I gained some weight this winter, for the first time. I already don't eat junk food, and I do exercise. I'm going to cut back a bit on calories from both food and beer, but not enough to feel deprived. I figure if I cut just about 250 calories a day, I'll be back to 135 in no time!
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Feb 2010
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Perhaps make more healthful food choices. Fruits, veggies, plenty of fiber can do wonders. Moderate consumption of beer is a health wise choice.
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Almaigan Brewing Co.
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Dec 2008
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I try to eat semi healthy during the work week, because I usually take the kids out on Wednesday nights and the family usually does dinner out on Saturdays and I like to be able to eat what I want when I go out. I do drink a fair amount of beer as well, but I exercise quite a bit and, surprise, surprise, it works!
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Oct 2005
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Portion control. If you hit a fast food place, don't max out everything. Yeah, not the best deal financially, but buying the small fries and soda makes a difference. Most of the time, I skip the soda as well. I've got a friend who gained 80 lbs "eating healthy", so that isn't a solution without controlling the total.
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Bulls Beers
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Sep 2007
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I workout 6 days a week and still need to watch my portions. It's about calories in and calories out. If I know I'm going to drink more than a couple, I will eat a little less that day. I ate pretty light today with a workout. I'm gonna have some steak tips and broccoli for dinner. When I head out tonight I won't stress about the beers I drink.
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