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Originally Posted by 2nd Street Brewery
I hope you're that nice with me bird. I'm bringing a 4 pack of my porter for you to sample
Likewise with the IPA and PA.

Actually, I *do* want honest feedback, that's the only way I'll figure out what I'm doing wrong. If it's really, REALLY bad though, just tell me through a PM...
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It's so funny that you mentioned receiving nasty homebrew(or cider,whatever).We had a similar experience at our Octoberfest homebrew party.An acquaintence friend brought over a sixer of his own homebrew,a stout that he was ever so proud of.In the first place,he didn't even take off the old labels.And the beer......NASTY(i really hope he doesn't read the forum ).Three people agreed.It was way over carbonated and a peroxide like taste.Hard to describe but icky.I tried to talk about technique and methods and stuff but he seemed to think i was being too technical about it all and he just wings it.And that's cool too i suppose but i think the proof is in the beer.He loved my hb by the way.He wants to teach brewing also.I haven't had to lie to him about it though yet as i haven't talked to him since the party.I hope i'm not being a d**k about it.After all,it was a wonderful gesture for him to bring it .

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Originally Posted by david_42
Most homebrewers want to make the best product they can. I would be honest & tell him how it tasted. Homebrew does go bad. Was there a lot of yeast in the bottle? "crap" isn't a useful description, autolysed is. Having smelled a septic tank and a very old bucket of trub, I can say they smell about the same. Didn't taste them though. Maybe the cider is now cider vinegar.

It is hard to put my finger on the problem and I am not trying to be funny when I say that I would truly compare it to a glass of vomit. It had that "sour stomach" type of thing going and was high in alcohol. There was not any yeast at all in the bottle and no sulfur taste or smell. It was not at all vinegar like.

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How about rancid, "cooked cabbage" or solvent-like? Cooked cabbage always smelled like vomit to me. That would be from a bacterial infection in cider.
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I haven't made a beer that I would share yet ( I think that is going to change with the oktoberfest I'm bottling today!) But when I do offer a beer to someone to try it, I want an honest answer. ESPECIALLY I would want the opinion of someone who has brewing expierence! Bottom line: If you give your opinion in a respectful way and he gets upset, then he's the one with the problem,

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On the other, more paranoid hand.... Co-worker could have told friend about this damn homebrewer he works with that tries to educate the rest of the office about good beer ( I'm bad for this at work) . Maybe friend sent in a bottle of known to be bad cider to test your brewer aptitude. If you go with the Large White Lie, you'll look like a polite idiot, or they may mistakenly think that you don't know your stuff.
I'd have to go with the polite cricism school of thought. Just to be safe.
More like a sock monkey, really...

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