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May 2006
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Fellow home brewers are few and far between where I live. Occasionally, you meet someone that enjoys the hobby. When I do meet someone, I feel a strange bond with them. I recently met a husband of a co-worker who enjoys this hobby. He sent me a bottle of his aged cider for me to try. I drank it tonight and found that it was truly terrible tasting stuff. Now, come Monday morning I will probably be required to give some feedback. Is there proper etiquette that I should be aware of? What should I do since I barely know this guy?

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Feb 2005
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Just tell him cider is not your favorite...then lie about the rest of it too...

Don't forget to ask for the recipe...from there you may be able to tell where he went wrong and you can TWEAK his recipe and give him one of yours to sample later...then tell him it's his recipe, but you tweaked it.
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Aug 2006
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If you knew the guy personally and you were good friends, you might try just being honest. But it sounds like you don't, so it is perhaps acceptable to fib somewhat in that situation. Like when coworker asks you if you like her new hairdo.

Something like this maybe...

Say, co-worker, I had that bottle of Bob's (or whoever) cider last night. It was good. Quite interesting. One of the things I liked about it was x (fill in with some characteristic you liked, even a little bit). It's not every day I get to sample something like that. Tell Bob (or whoever) thanks very much. Ask him if I could have his recipe. Did he like the homebrew I sent home with you?

Or, if your co-worker is a good friend...

You know, co-worker, I drank Bob's cider last night. It was quite interesting. I'm definitely glad I got to sample it, but to tell the truth, cider is not really my thing. (This won't work if you are really into cider.) etc.

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Could just take a taste and upchuck it. That should give the opinion. After all a picture is better than words.

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Nov 2005
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Tell him that you dropped off the urine sample at the Vet, and that his horse seems to have developed diabetes.

I don't think there's really a good way to tell somebody the truth without hurting their feelings.

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Jul 2005
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Get to know the guy. Perhaps it was an infected bottle. Maybe he'd like your help because he knows it's bad. Make friends with him and if all his stuff tastes bad, help him tweak it. Like you said, it's not like brewers are a dime a dozen. And we all know how hard it is to make new friends at this point in life.
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"There's something a little different about it than any of the other ciders I've had - how did you make it?"

No point in being a jerk.
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2nd Street Brewery
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I hope you're that nice with me bird. I'm bringing a 4 pack of my porter for you to sample
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Oct 2005
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Most homebrewers want to make the best product they can. I would be honest & tell him how it tasted. Homebrew does go bad. Was there a lot of yeast in the bottle? "crap" isn't a useful description, autolysed is. Having smelled a septic tank and a very old bucket of trub, I can say they smell about the same. Didn't taste them though. Maybe the cider is now cider vinegar.
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Jan 2005
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yeah, honest is best, maybe not blunt, but i wouldn't say it was good if you didn't like it.

i've passed out beers i knew where ****ty to my friends(mostly heffes and whits gone wild), and they said, not your best offering, can i have the pale ale instead. i appreciate the honest opinion of those drinking my beer.
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