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May 2009
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For Christmas, I bought myself 55lbs of MO from a local brewer. I was given a bunch of other grain as gifts. I just cam to realize that 55 lbs doesn't go anywhere near as far as I thought. I have maybe 15 lbs left, and it's only February!!! I had to go and get another bag.

Just thought I'd vent some.

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Jul 2006
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I'm in the same boat. I buy 40-55 lbs at a time, and it never seems to last long. I get two brew days out of a full bag of base grain.
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I find I go through about four bags a year of base malt. I generally brew between 150 and 200 gallons with that.
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Originally Posted by Yuri_Rage View Post
I'm in the same boat. I buy 40-55 lbs at a time, and it never seems to last long. I get two brew days out of a full bag of base grain.
What kind of quantity are you putting out on brewday?!
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Jun 2009
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I just got my second 50lb bag of base malt for the year on friday, it does seem to go fast, for me it seems like the first half of the bag lasts forever, then wham! I'm out of base malt.. again. but thinking about it, i use 8-10 lbs of base per batch so thats only 5 or 6 batches per bag on average for me.
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Matt Up North
Jul 2008
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I just used 30lbs of base malt yesterday. 55lbs doesn't really last long at all here. I have gone through about 150lbs this year and only have 35 gallons to show for it.

Fingers, how do you get 200gallons out of 200lbs of grain? Do you ever make 1.060 beers or are all of yours in the 1.040 range? You are a brewing and drinking machine!
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Jan 2009
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Yea I went through a 50lb bag of 2row in 4 batches (5gal), and I've gone through more than half of the 55lb bag of MO, and some of my 6-row bag, since January.

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Apr 2009
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Assuming 75% efficiency.
Assume 1.036 SG potential for base grains.
Assume most of your recipe is base grain (pils, pale).
  • 33.8 gallons of 1.040 beer with 50# of grain.
  • 22.5 gallons of 1.060 beer "" ""
  • 16.9 gallons of 1.080 beer "" ""
I know this is obvious to many brewers here, but not so for others... just thought I would point it out.
I.e., (0.75 * 36 * 50) / 40 = 33.8 gal.
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Oct 2009
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I bought my first 55lb bag of 2-row. I've done 3 beers and have about 15lbs left. 55lbs of 2-row = 4 beers for me. Maybe I'll try to make this last for 5 brews next time.
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I've noticed this problem with chocolate.
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