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Aug 2006
South Jersey
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I tend to carefully pour the wort directly from my brew kettle to my primary, but I read somewhere on here that aerating the wort while it's too hot can be bad for it. Is a ladle preferable? It's one of those funny little parts of my brewing that I've never bothered to really analyze before.
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May 2006
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If you can chill your wort while it's still in the kettle, that's preferred. If doing a partial boil, do your ice bath before transferring and hot side aeration's a non-issue. Full-boils, you really should have an immersion chiller or CFC. An immersion chiller, you really WANT to cool the wort in the kettle, you place the chiller in the wort while it's still boiling to sterilize it.

If your wort is chilled before transferring, you can beat the hell out of it (literally, some people use whisks and stuff) while transferring to get it aerated.
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Ol' Grog
Sep 2006
Chickasha, OK.
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I cool the wort first, then just dump it in the primary and add make up water to the 5 gallon mark. Makes for good aeration without a stone.

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Wheat King
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Jul 2006
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i put my brew pot into an ice bath, then i pour it into my primary like a maniac.
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Aug 2006
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I've been full boiling lately (still on extract but practicing for when I go all grain) so I use an immersion chiller in the kettle. Then I pour the cooled wort into my primary through a coarse strainer being careful to leave as much hops and break in the kettle. I'm not anal about it though because I don't mind getting it into the primary since I'll get the beer off it when I rack to secondary. If you're not using a stone oxynation system or an air pump, etc, you're gonna want to slosh the crap out of that cooled wort anyway. Pour it from high up and let it foam away.
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Oct 2005
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I cool it in the kettle with an immersion chiller & then just let it splash into the fermenting bucket. I still aerate before pitching.
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Dec 2005
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Once mine is cool, I take the immersion chiller and slosh it up and down quite a bit to aerate. Then I sometimes pour back and forth from pot to fermenter bucket. As long as I'm below 80 degrees .... Lots of aeration.
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Jul 2006
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My brew kettles have valves on them, so I gravity feed or pump (depending on the size/location of the boil) through a counterflow chiller into the fermenter. I don't worry about a bit of splashing since it's cooled when it gets to the fermenter. I then aerate with an O2 tank and stone.
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Oct 2006
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I just cool the brewpot and the ~2 gallons of wort in the icebatch to 70-80, then dump into primary aerating as much as possible.

If I don't make a starter for the yeast and just rehydrate it before pitching, then I aerate the wort even more (directly) after I pitch the yeast by stirring vigorously with sanitized spoon or putting a lid on and sloshing her around...

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Old 11-16-2006, 12:16 AM   #10
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Oct 2005
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I connect the CFC to the spigot on the kettle, and open the spigot. I also have a false bottom in the kettle, and use whole hops. This prevents the hops clogging the chiller, and filters out a lot of the hot break material. I do however get most of the cold break in the fermenter.


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