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Feb 2010
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Hey everyone!!! I'm new on here just wanted to say hi to everyone

I'm pretty adventurous when it comes making to beer. I like to make beer out of things that people don't usually think of drinking.. So I was wondering if anyone has tried making green tea beer before, if so what type of beer did you use? I was thinking of making a light to medium flavor beer so that it doesn't mask the green tea. As well I hear a lot of people have trouble maintaining the green tea flavor in their beer. What could I do to maintain the aroma and taste of the green tea. Have anyone ever used bitter melon as a bitter agent in their beer? I had some better melon soup in asia once and it had an interesting earthy bitterness to it I wanted to know if that would taste good or make the beer taste bad.

I don't have a recipe yet but the ingredients I plan on using are

Green tea
I would like to use hops that has an earth taste to it either that or the better melon
Not sure what kind of yeast to use yet.

If anyone would like to share their ideas it would be appreciated.

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Feb 2010
Leavenworth, Wa
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Hmmmm, sounds interesting. I would think that the green tea, being such a delicate flavor anyway, would get lost pretty much however you add it (boil, secondary, bottling) That doesn't mean it would not be there, it would just get lost with the malt, hops, etc. (again, maybe) I see you have some honey included in your idea. How 'bout a mead instead. I don't know anything about bitter melon, but I haven't had good experience with a beer bittered with something else besides hops. Either too astringent or not bitter enough (even heather doesn't give me the right kind of bitterness imho), but a mead would be ok without hops.
A vodka infusion has always given me the best herb flavors in beer, added during bottling.

Try it and find out, and let us know how it turns out. This hobby (obsession) has no limits, because You get to brew what you want!

And Welcome!
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Feb 2010
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Thanks for the feedback.. Yeah I figured the tea flavor will lose most of its aroma and flavor. I've been experimenting with different tea mixing them together and trying to get the write taste that would go well with the beer. And I would have to agree with you on the bitter melon... I think to play it safe I'll use the hops and if I had any left overs I'll probably make like a gallon with the bitter melon. And yeah a mead should be another option for me to try..

I had green tea beer in portland oregon a few months ago and thought it was pretty good.. The beer had a great tea flavor but I'm thinking they probably added tea extract to give it that tea taste to it. But you got any idea of what type of beer would suit will with green tea???

And yes this hobby is an obsession

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Old 02-22-2010, 12:35 AM   #4
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"dry hop" with some tea.

my next brew is a Lapsang Souchong based brew. i plan on dry-teaing.
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Old 02-22-2010, 02:28 AM   #5
Feb 2010
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OK so i'm still new with the dry hoping.. you got any pointers??

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Old 08-18-2010, 02:15 PM   #6
Aug 2010
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I'm pretty interested in trying this.

I think from reading up on tannins, I will probably brew a strong tea the bottling day, and add it to the bottling bucket to add some flavor with low tannins.

Going to add it to a cream ale recipe, with a Wyeast 1099 strain of yeast. The shaftsbury clone seems like a good place to start!

Hope to brew in a week or two.

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Old 11-14-2010, 07:36 PM   #7
Nov 2010
brighton, ma
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Ive made a 5G batch of "Dragonwell IPA" I put about 0.5oz at 10min and then dry hopped with another 0.5oz in secondary. Came out amazing!

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Old 12-17-2010, 10:06 AM   #8
May 2010
Palo Alto
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Khoa, you will want to limit tannin extraction from your tea and also keep as much flavor as possible. Limiting tannins means never getting the tea hot, so I agree with a dry hopping method. Dry hopping the tea would just be adding teabags to your beer after primary fermentation is over. Go easy and just use a little tea at first until you know the flavor contribution it will make. An alternative method would be to soak the tea in cold sanitized water for a few days, then add the tea water to taste. This way you won't overdo it. It will probably be hard to overdo a green tea anyway.

Why don't you make a green tea pilsner or blonde. You will also want to use mild hops, maybe Goldings or Saaz, so you don't mask the tea flavor. I would guess:

12 lbs 2-row
25 IBU of mostly early additions of Kent Goldings
Ferment with WLP001
And then figure out how much tea you need by doing a cold extraction and then experimenting.

Good luck!

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Old 12-18-2010, 03:12 AM   #9
Jul 2010
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Some other techniques you could try if you don't get as much of the tea aroma or flavor as you'd like would be first wort teaing for 5-10 minutes and steeping post-boil once your wort gets under 180*.

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Old 12-18-2010, 06:07 PM   #10
May 2009
Fishkill, New York
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How about soaking/infusing some green tea in Midori for about 2 weeks. Maybe 2-4 ounces of green tea leaves in something like 16 oz. Midori, then pour the whole thing into secondary. I've never done this, just a thought. The Midori would make a nice honeydew green tea addition to a light beer.

Damn, now I wanna make green tea beer
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