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Feb 2010
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What are the negative affects of just pouring a few beers into grolsh style bottles straight from my keg, if I wanted to just take a few on a camping trip over the weekend?

Say, if I poured them friday morning, straight from the keg, into chilled bottles, with a low psi to kill foam... would they last the weekend with little to no ill effects on the beer?

I will eventually get a beer gun for this sort of thing, but for the moment, was wondering if this would work ok for keeping the beer in a cooler for a couple days.

Don't want to drag my kegorator out into the woods...

Thanks in advance for any input on this.

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Well, I don't think you want to kill the foam. My friends always say, "foam out", meaning let the beer foam over the top of the bottle/growler. If you are not purging the botles/growlers with CO2 first, the foam will push any oxygen out of the bottle. In fact, sometimes it helps to bump up the PSI a day or two before when you know you are going to do this. The foam will settle down and you won't lose too much CO2. Then just cap and rinse and you're good to go. I know some people that submit to comps using this method. I use it for myself, but still bottle prime for comps.

edit - use a piece of straight tuning (or a bottling wand minus the plunger) to fill the bottle/growler from the bottom. My bottling wand tube fits snugly into a picnic tap.
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perhaps a line of single hop IPA's - there's so many new hops out there!!!

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I would bet you there are people who slightly over carb their beers, then drop the psi to slowly fill a bottle (like you suggested) then enter it into competition with no ill effects. This works even better if you have a tube running to the bottom of the bottle to minimize CO2 releasing agitation.

I like to let some foam push up the neck of the bottle and out the top as that will effectively purge the air...well enough for short term anyway.

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Well, you don't need to buy a beer-gun. Pouring the beer right outta the tap will work for a short period. A day or two tops, before the beer would start getting a little funky. What your proposing isn't that much different than getting a growler filled at your local pub. The only difference is they fill the growlers from the bottom. Maybe you could get a piece of hose to fit over your tap as a temporary solution?

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