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Originally Posted by jamissr View Post
not sure if im being clear, or if its even possible, but im trying to figure out what hops to use in different IPAs, and it kinda seems like i can use pretty much anything, but im scared of using too much munich, not enough crystal 60, or 20, not enough citra, or willamette, or maybe those two dont work well together, i dont know. would be nice to understand what hops work together with each other, what grains work together well, and what hops work with what grains. might just have to experiment to figure it out. also maybe i need to just keep reading, that seems to work every other time ive ever posted with a question on any subject
In my opinion, this is preference. If you want to simulate a certain style, I guess you can follow certain guidelines, such as noble hops for German wheat beers, but when people experiment is when they make the best recipes.

There are a few guidelines, such as crystal shouldn't be more than 5% of a recipe, and 2-row goes with *everything*... but reading will help you pick those up over time.

In my opinion, go with proven recipes for a while, then tweak them to be what you like... Saaz hops in a roggenbier, for example. You'll catch on soon enough.

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thats what ive been doing so far, using recipes that are popular on the boards here. Im just looking to make some IPAs, but never seem to have the exact hop schedule that is called for in any recipe, so i was considering just mixing the hops i have (i have about $60 worth of different types), but im just not sure what works well together, i think i just need to make a decision to either use what i have, or go buy some more. im sure either way will work out.

its kinda the same way with grain for me, i have lots of grain, but never seem to have exactly what a specific recipe calls for, so i consider using what i have and then usually just go buy the right grain.

Thanks for the response, much appreciate it!

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Hey Death Brewer thanks so much for your information its a lot of help! I come from Nepal and its very hard to get malt extract here and the only 1 I could find was from a science lab. do you think it can still work out?

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Seriously great information here! I am still new to brewing and this is a great resource for me! Thank you!

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Since I posted these in a couple threads today,I decided to put them here. A link to a conversion chart another member posted I find handy;
And some conversion formulas from metric to US standard from-
Fluid ounces to Milliliters-FO x 29.57 = mL
Gallons to Liters-G x 3.785 = L
Liters to Gallons-L x .264 = G
Milliliters to Fluid ounces-mL x .034 = fl oz
grams to ounces-g x .035 = oz
Celcius to Fahrenheit-(c x 1.8C) + 32 = F
ounces to grams-OZ x 28.35 = g
pounds to kilograms-LB x .454 = Kg
Kilograms to pounds-Kg x 2.202 = LB
Hope these help with recipes,etc.
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ich werde später mal versuchen, die Methode klingt sehr gut, oder braucht jemand auch Bierglässe? Habe ich einige hier

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This is great! Lots of info, presented clearly and concisely. Thanks!

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Combined with Designing Great Beers, this has given me a great foundation for recipe formulation.

I have found that beersmith has helped tremendously with the process as well.
Beginner Brewing Tutorials:

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I did not read the OP thread, I did skim for this link. For me this link was, if not, still is the best tool I know to use. I started with a trial of beer smith but all I was doing was punching numbers, I needed to know what these numbers mean. I created my own excel spreadsheet with it and I feel I can control more aspects of my beer making because I feel I understand how each formula is connected to the other.

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I haven't posted for a while, and I don't know if this is posted in the correct thread.
I have had three successful brews now, all slightly different, but all three using the same cerveza malt from my local wilkos shop.
The first was brewed with 1.5kg of brewing sugar and 500g of light spray dried malt. It was really tasty but had a slight ale taste to it.
The second, I left out the dry malt and just went with 2kg of sugar, tasted nice, quite strong but not much flavour.
The third, I used 2kg of sugar and app. 200g of wakatu hops (I now realise that this may have been quite excessive), the taste was overpowering with a floral/fruity taste, yet still very drinkable!
I have just bottled my fourth, which is a wilko pilsner, and I added just 2kg of sugar and nothing else as I want to see what the kit tastes like without any other flavours.
My next brew, I'm thinking of getting a nice balance with the cerveza, dry malt and hops. Was thinking 250g of dry malt, 1.5g of sugar and 30g of wakatu hops. Looking forward to it.

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