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Bernie Brewer
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Feb 2006
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So I'm brewing Yooper's Fat Squirrel Clone today (recipe here) and everything is going swimmingly.

Mash temps were good, runoff went off without a hitch, things are going great. One minor boilover, no biggie. Added the magnum hops with the first runnings, sparged the rest and got the boil going.

Twenty minutes into the boil, I come into the house to rinse off my mash kettle and looked at the empty bag of hops on the table. It's not magnum, but Saaz!!!! I added some of the finishing hops at first wort by mistake!!! Doh! so I took the bag of magnums (the real one this time) and tossed it in. It'll be interesting to see what this will do to the hop profile.......

I like to squeeze the nickle until the buffalo craps-mt rob

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Aug 2009
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ha, this is one of the reason's i dont do an unplanned brew with friends who dont brew. I always happily brew with interested people and any of my friends, but if i dont pre-prepare for that i always ALWAYS make a mistake... that could be because i drink more, but regardless

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Jan 2008
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That's not a mistake. it's an unintentional embellishment.

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Jul 2009
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What the heck,
I plan to brew friday....So i think i am going to try your recipe
I got everything but the caraviene malt. Got a sub for this? C40?

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Jan 2010
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Originally Posted by Laughing_Gnome_Invisible View Post
That's not a mistake. It's an unintentional embellishment.
And that's a sig line.
Once in a while you get shown the light,
in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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Jan 2009
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Saturday morning I go to measure out my grains for a Pale Ale. I grab a bag that should be 5# Golden Promise. But the Golden Promise bag is a full 10#? WTF? Then it dawns on me. I reach for another bag that should be 10# of Castle Pils...and sure enough it's only 5#. So my Naked Brown Ale has 5# of Belgian Pils as the base instead of Golden Promise. It explains why I noticed it was so much harder to crush than I expected (glassier/less friable). Meh...it'll still be good.

On that same brew (the Naked Brown): Formulated the recipe using the AA% of my just finished bag of Willamette. But this brew was the first brew with the new bag of Willamette. 6.4% (old) vs. 5.6% (new). I was able to kluge-fix that but still they're both just lackadaisical carelessness.

Bernie, at least you used Saaz for Magnum and not the other way around!
Early brewers were primarily women, mostly because it was deemed a woman's job. Mesopotamian men, of some 3,800 years ago, were obviously complete assclowns and had yet to realize the pleasure of brewing beer.- Beer Advocate

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