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Originally Posted by AdamHasser View Post
I'm cheap so I'm considering using vanilla extract in a 1 gallon secondary from my Irish Stout to experiment. Any recommendations on the amount I should use?
2 teaspoons per bean. That assumes single-fold extract, which is predominantly what you'll find at the grocery store. At least use real and not imitation.
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Originally Posted by passedpawn View Post
2 teaspoons per bean. That assumes single-fold extract, which is predominantly what you'll find at the grocery store. At least use real and not imitation.
After reading up a bit it sounds like most people don't like the flavor of extract.

For 1 gallon I'd only need 1/2 of a bean? Maybe my local grocery store will have them.

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They'll be cheaper at Costco if you have one nearby
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Mar 2013
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I simply split and scraped three vanilla beans into a jar with a lid and added enough light rum to cover the beans, I let it set for two weeks and strained it into my bottling bucket. It imparted a nice vanilla flavor to my 6.8 abv sweet potato porter.

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Man I wish I had done proper research and saw the beanilla link before buying my single $8 bean at Publix. Sheesh. But I was in a hurry to get it soaking. I have a porter fermenting, have been soaking oak chips in Buffalo Trace for about a week. After reading advice here, cut up the bean and scraped it into a little bourbon, will soak about 24 hours before dumping into secondary with the oak chips tomorrow. Wish me a tasty brew!

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My oatmeal stout is already kegged so I was going to do the vodka/bourbon bean extract method for a week or two and then just strain out the bean pcs and add the liquid to the keg. Anybody see a problem w that? Btw great thread!

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I bought these Madagascar vanilla beans - 5 vacuum sealed beans for $5 -

Split open 2 and chopped up in 4 pieces per bean and then soaked everything for 2 weeks in 6 ounces Pendleton's 1910 Rye Whiskey and then dumped in my Balcones whiskey barrel (including the whiskey). I let that sit for a weeks and then transferred to my keg (Porter) and it has an amazing aroma and vanilla taste with a hint of oak and whiskey.

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I use an easier method. I add a tablespoon of vanilla bean paste thinned with a bit of bourbon

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Teromous, I recently put the AHS double chocolate stout in the primary. Was considering either adding vanilla beans or cocoa nibs or both to secondary. I have not brewed this AHS kit before and would like to hear your thoughts and recommendations on this?

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Originally Posted by Shay View Post is an excellent place to get beans.

EXCEPTIONAL beans. Nice and oily, not dried out like the overpriced supermarket beans.
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Originally Posted by Billy-Klubb View Post
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