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Jan 2010
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So when should I make the move to AG and what other equipment do I need for this?

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When is whenever you want to. Plenty of homebrewers stay extract forever, some start brewing with all grain. and everything in between.

if you feel like doing all grain, then you are ready.

As for equipment, that is outlined lots of places here on the forums and online.
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Oct 2009
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A 10 gallon mash tun and a 7.5 gallon pot with the capability to boil 5-7 gallons of wort.

Do it now. I built my mash tun for only 15 bucks and that's all it took:

It's not hard at all, just takes longer and IMO, much much better results. Mmmm
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Whenever you've figured out what equipment you need.

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Jun 2009
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I just switched to AG. Make the move when:
1. Watching a video on mashing no longer intimidates you.
2. You can afford the additional equipment: MLT and full-boil pot.
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Mar 2009
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Okay so I haven't moved to all grain yet, but I have gathered a few things:
1. If you want to do full 5 gallon batches then you should have a pot of 8+ gallons.
2. You should also have a propane burner to boil this amount because stoves suck for 5+ gallons.
3. A wort chiller is handy, otherwise you'll be spending your whole day waiting for it to cool, instead of 10 minutes...

If you don't have this equipment then just make it easy on yourself and attempt a half batch (cut all ingredients in half.) Some may consider it a waste of time spending so much time for only 2.5 gallons... but you don't have to spend any money at all.

Make sure you read up on the process of mashing and stuff, and make sure you have equipment that will work. A cooler is a common vessel for mashing. Some do it right on the stove. You can start AG whenever you want... Just remember that it will require some bigger equipment and a lot more time. For some beers, its worth it. It's up to you to decide whether or not you want to increase the difficulty level!! I'm doing my first AG as a pure experiment. I expect to screw up, and I expect to learn from it. I'm not trying to make a world class beer my first time out :P

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Bernie Brewer
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Do it whenever you want. Just do a little research and jump in. And you can do it pretty cheap if you want, or you can go nuts-deep and spend a ton. There are lots of possibilities. Have fun!
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is nutz-deep knee-deep^2?

as to ag brewing: there is no time like the present.

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Mar 2007
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Originally Posted by DavidSteel View Post
A 10 gallon mash tun and a 7.5 gallon pot with the capability to boil 5-7 gallons of wort.
I'd suggest going bigger on the brew kettle to a 15.5 gal converted keg or a 20 gallon kettle. That way you can do 10-11 gallon batches in the future when you decide you want more beer without having farted away money on a 10 gallon kettle.

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Dec 2009
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Originally Posted by mordantly View Post

is nutz-deep knee-deep^2?
I suppose it depends on how well endowed you are

I'm doing my 1st AG batch this weekend, as long as we don't get another blizzard.

I picked up a 10gal rubbermaid from HD, and got my fittings on order from weldlessfittings.com. Dave was great to work with, and answered all my noob questions. I've only done two extract batches, but I've attended a local gathering of brewers from this site (MD Brewers) and watched a few guys do it.

If you have the opportunity, get together with someone who is set up for AG, and do a brew day with them. It raised my confidence level. That being said, I'm sure to screw up my first attempt, but that's what noobs do!


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