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Feb 2010
Dickson, TN
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Hey guys,

new to posting here. I have been a lurker for a couple months and i haven't seen this posted. I searched all through this forum and found no threads about this subject in particular.

So, any opinions on whether the Fermentap valve kit works, is worth it (seems to be a good price), and is anymore beneficial than standard carboy fermentation. I am leaning toward trying it, if for no other reason than the ease of not having to transfer to secondaries.



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Jan 2008
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I don't remember where or who but i haven't heard of anyone that was satisfied with it.

IIRC, the taper of the carboys is not steep enough to force the yeast into a cone and it tends to settle onto the walls. Attempts to encourage the yeast into the neck just cause the yeast to re-suspend.

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Jan 2010
The Grand Island
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Everything I've heard from brewers who tried it say it's a gimmick. You're better off just using the carboy the way it was intended to be used.

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Feb 2009
Blue Springs, MO
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there are some post on this board about them. I had the same idea, but the idea of throwing around and inverting 5 gallons glass vessel (or better bottle for that matter) doesn't appeal to me

A commercial product was made called fermentap. I don't know if they are still made or not. A quick google search turned up a few pages, but a few pages I browsed couldn't find the item.

From what I've read about them they don't do a good job as others have mentioned about. The angle on the shoulders is not steep enough. The yeast tends to collect there mostly as opposed to in the neck.


Found the fermentap web site. Looks like its still in production, but the site says out of stock.

Reason: Found Fermentap website

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Jul 2007
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I actually have 2 of these, but have not used them any more. Mostly because I learned from here that they are not any good.

I did like them when I did use them though, about 13 years ago maybe.

Issues with them
  • Will leak if not carefull in setting up
  • Yeast will not fall to the neck easily, carboy not steep enough. You can agitate to get the yeast to drop though. You will not get it all out though.

Also it turns out that leaving fermenting beer on the yeast for a month or so isn't as bad as once told, so most of the benefits are moot. I am now playing with 4 weeks in primary with no secondary. I have also pitched onto the yeast cake, so have reused the yeast this way, and will start washing my yeast soon. So a I am getting a lot of the benefits of the fermentap with out the worry of leaks. The stands do come in handy though to dry carboys.

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Mar 2009
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I'm going to try making one of these. Only because the bottom of my better bottle cracked and so it's useless now. If I slice the bottom off and invert it, it would be a sweet little open fermenter. I'm thinking a wood or cheap metal frame to support the bottle and hopefully I can find a clamp at the hardware store that fits the neck of the BB.

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Old 02-18-2010, 02:04 AM   #7
Feb 2010
Dickson, TN
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Thanks guys, after I posted this I found a couple posts in a different section, and they all appear to agree that they are a gimmick that aren't worth the time.


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