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Nov 2006
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OK, my cider is perking along nicely....and I have a decison to make....well actually I made it but have questions!

My secondary fermentation is going to be coming up in the next few weeks...and I have always done this in the bottles...but this was when I "brewed" in my Mr. Beer. But I dont think Mrs. Stonedog will appreciate any bottle bombs.....

So....I have decided to buy a second glass carboy(s) or pail to do my secondary fermentation...so here are the questions....

Remember I am only making 2 gallons of cider at a time!

1. Do I buy a 3 gallon glass or 5 gallon plastic pail or two 1 gallon glass jugs?

2. how much corn syrup do I add to:
a. 3 gallon glass
b. 5 gallon plastic
c. each 1 gallon glass

3. Do I cap each? Do I use an air lock? What do I do AFTER I rack it into the secondary fermenter(s)? Just cap it.....let it sit for two weeks then bottle?? What do I cap it with??

4. How long do I let it sit out in the secondary fermenter before bottling??

I think I am leaning toward either the three gallon glass (only $15 at my local) or two 1 gallon glass (only 4.50$ each at my local)....I just hink the 5 gallon is too large and can make some nasty flavors thru oxidization....besides, the 5 gallon plastic is more expensive than 3 gallon glass at my local!



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Cider will ferment out completely in a week, unless you have added more sugars. I'd just put it in the 3 gallon jug and let is settle. Ciders and meads tend to benefit from bulk aging. If you can leave it in the jug for 3 months, you'll have better cider.
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Nov 2006
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I am wanting it slightly carbonated though....

If I rack it to another 3 gallon jug.....how much sugar do I add and how do I cap that jug?

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You don't carbonate it until it's time to bottle. You have to let it ferment and then clear. When it's time to bottle, you can add a bit of sugar or apple juice then. Do NOT put it in a 3 gallon glass jug with a tight seal before it's fully done- it WILL blow up. Use an airlock to let c02 escape. You can use either 2 1 gallon jugs or the 3 gallon jug- it's not in there long enough to oxidize.

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Old 11-12-2006, 03:43 PM   #5
Nov 2006
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OK cool!

I will just let it get done fermenting in the main fermenter.

Clear in that jug.

Then add 1/2 tsp priming sugar per 12oz bottle, when I bottle.

Let that sit for about two weeks.

Put in fridge (which will stop the fermenting in the bottles right?)

Sound 'bout right?

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Old 11-12-2006, 04:38 PM   #6
Aug 2006
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you'll only need a 2nd fermentor if you want to make a second batch before this one is ready, though some people (including me) prefer to rack their brews off of the crud/trub periodically to reduce off flavors. Longer term storage (bulk aging) is best done in glass, though, so if you do want to transfer your cider into another container, skip the bucket and invest in another carboy or the gallon jugs.

just my opinion...........
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May 2006
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I haven't noticed any difference in aging my cider in a secondary as opposed to bottles. I've tried both and it did not change how long it needs to go before drinking. I left it in the primary for 2 weeks, then the secondary for 2, and at this point had nothing at the bottom that settled out.

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