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I have read that you can use things like gelatin to clear up your beer. I was wondering what that would do to the carbonation? Doesn't some (if not all) the cloudiness come from the yeast suspended in the beer. I only bottle and not keg my beer using CO2 created when I add priming sugar to carb up my beer. Would I have to use carb tabs if I put gelatin in. also, I don't usually do a seconary fermintation.

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I wouldn't use gelatin if I were bottle conditioning.

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You can use Gelatin and still bottle, there should still be enough yeast in suspension to carbonate your bottle, but it may take a little longer.


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If you don't secondary, then how long are you leaving it in primary? I primary for a month, and besides the normal sediment needed in bottle conditioned beers in order to carb them, they are beautifully clear. Also the longer you leave them in the fridge the tighter that yeast cake will be and again, your beer will be extremely clear....

I've never added geletin to my beers to clear them, heck half the time I forget moss during brewing, but my beer is uber clear.
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Have to agree. Finings are a short cut but most beer will clear eventually. Had a bottle of Schneider hefeweizen in my fridge for a good while that I without thinking defaulted to homebrew pour for and got a practically clear pint!

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If you use gelatin to clear, you'll still have enough yeast for bottle conditioning. A lot of the haze that you're pulling out with gelatin comes from proteins, not yeast.

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Throw some irish moss in towards the end of the boil next time. I've been doing this for awhile now, and it helps alot. My first few beers were pretty cloudy even after been in the fridge for a couple weeks before being drank. But then I started using irish moss and they are getting pretty clear

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Strange though it may sound, I've found that since I've been doing good water adjustments that my beers drop bright every time. I use 1.5 tsp of Irish Moss too, but the water correction is really what's made the difference with me. I primary for three weeks, then bottle. I drink one test bottle every week and even the first one after 7 days in the bottle is crystal clear, not even any chill haze. No finings, no filtering.

Can't remember the science behind the water correction thing, but I seem to distantly remember that it might be the calcium helping out with this. Anyone wanna step up on the science?

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I bottle as well and have never used gelatin, but the time I used Irish Moss made a big difference in clarity over what I've seen before. So another vote for that.

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time/ or cold temps clear bear the el-natural way.. i've never used any fining aside from gravity.

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