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the color is put at ~5 (but it actually this # depends how toasty/dark your malts are)
Primary Fermentation: 21- 28 days (check w/ hydrometer)

### Partial Mash ###

Technique: Heat about 3 gallons of water to ~150-155 degree. Put grains in a bag with first wort hops [*see below].
Soak for 30 minutes, drain (don't squeeze) & toss grains/hops.
Measure volume of wort.

Mash ingredients:
8 oz GF Oats
1.5 # home toasted millet, buckwheat or whatever GF grain you like (so it is like med. dark, like 60L).

### BOIL ###
Add wort and ~4+ more gallons of water, so you start the boil with ~6.5 gallons. You should try to get 5.5 post-boil (depends on how much your system boils off).

Add extract to wort and boil for 60+ minutes:
6 # White Sorghum syrup

1 # Brown Rice syrup

8 oz Malto-dextrin

1 tsp gypsum (water treatment)

Add Yeast nutrient + Irish Moss with 10 minutes left in boil.

### HOPS ##
Hop schedule-- don't forget to add the "FHW" with your grain bag during the partial mash--

Start the 60 minute timer after the hot break.

first wort 60+ mins 0.5 oz East Kent Goldings leaf 5.0% A.A.
boil 60 mins 1.0 Magnum leaf 14.0
boil 20 mins 0.25 Tettnanger pellet 5.1
boil 10 mins 0.25 Goldings, East Kent leaf 5.0
boil 10 mins 0.25 Fuggles leaf 4.7
boil 1 min 0.25 Goldings, East Kent leaf 5.0
dry hop 7 days 0.5 East Kent Goldings leaf 5.0

### POST-BOIL ###
Chill to below 70 degrees, aerate wort thoroughly, add more yeast nutrient, pitch creamy/rehydrated yeast. Shake up and continue mixing/aeration.

Ferment for 21-28 days total, at 62-67 degrees. Add dry hops for the last week (only want 7 days contact).

Priming sugar & bottle (or keg). Put it away in a dark place and forget it. Come back in 2+ months. It is best at 2-6 months because the sorghum will age out somewhat (if you did not oxidize it during transfer).

Lcasanova received one bottle in a swap. It had been bottled conditioned for 6 months.
Originally Posted by lcasanova View Post
Thanks for posting this. This beer was amazing and hoppy, I really did enjoy it. The hop aroma really carried over and the sorghum wasn't even present. I mentioned in a PM to midfielder5- I think that GF beers age out the sorghum well- especially once I found out that this beer was 6 months old. I have found that mine seem to cycle where the sorghum isn't detectable then suddenly a few weeks later its back...not sure what's going on.

I will definitely be brewing this beer at some point in the summer.

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What was your sg and fg for this brew?

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hi, my notes are not that good and I don't brew GF any more. It has been a few years, sorry. I don't have an OG (punch it into an online calculator), but 1.014 FG.

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