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Default Does homemade wine actually taste good?

I'm a big wine guy, and I am curious about trying to make it, but I have to ask- does the homemade stuff actually taste comparably good to a good wine that you'd buy in the bottle?

Sorry if it seems like I'm trolling here but after all the threads involving welch's grape juice, it kinda sounds like taste might not be the biggest reason to make your own, but more for the experience (which is fun too, but not exactly the same).

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Go buy some juice from a local wine shop, I don't understand the Welch's grape thing, we buy 2.5 tons of grapes a year and our wine is awesome. But I also have a mentor who has been making wine for 30 yrs.
I recently took a bottle of my Syrah to my brew club meeting, and the one kid took a sip and said it was good then after he was really excited and was convinced I did not make it. He was a wine guy and really thought the wine fit the style perfectly. It's a great hobby.

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I love making Beer
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Like most things in brewing the quality of ingredients and your technique is going to determine whether you make crap or not. I haven't tried the Welch's juice wine so I don't know how that tastes but I do know that you can make good (even award winning) wine at home.
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I bought a reasonably priced wine kit. I thought I did a good job fermenting it. The taste wasn't as good as I expected. It makes a great pasta sauce though.

My meads are nice but not terrific.

My ciders are enjoyable.

But by far, my beers are the best thing I make.

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Wine and mead making is a hobby. Like all hobbies involving skill and talent, the more serious you are and the more you practice, the better you become. I like to cook but my food will never taste as good as Jamie Oliver, Bobby Flay, or Emeril Lagasse. My mead and some of my wines, on the other hand, are as good as any similar commercial selections I've tasted. Will your first wine be that good? Probably not, but with practice it can.
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If you are going to make a kit, I will say that the more expensive wine kits, do make better wine. Try one with a minimum of 16L of juice.
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I make some quick "ok" wines, like the Welch's.

I make fantastic oaked country wines, some of which are great after 4-5 years. Some of my wines are truly excellent.

I have made some good kit wines, some of which are similar to a $25 bottle of wine.

As the others said, you won't win any awards with Welch's. But it's an easy drinking cheap wine that takes only a short time to make. There is usually a wine for everyone, from cheap to expensive, just like commerical wines.
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Not sure if they do this in Texas, but you can probably find a place. Northern Ohio is a pretty big wine area. Just after the harvest every season, the local homebrew shop trucks in a ton of pressed juice. You can go and buy however many gallons of whatever varietals they are offering. I'm sure its quality stuff. I'm assuming people come and get their juice once a year and have constantly rotating yearly batches. If you can find a place that does this, I think it would be your best bet for getting quality juice to make good wine.
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Ed, you talking about JW Dover by any chance?
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looking at the empty wine box my LHBS used to put my grains in i noticed the ingredients were "grape juice from concentrate" and some other stuff... i try to never use juice from concentrate for either drinking or cider making, it has a far inferior flavour. but how does a quality grape juice compare to freshly squeezed vinyard grapejuice?

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