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Aug 2009
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Well I think I just f***** up my second batch of beer. I is a extract Cooper's Stout. Anyhow everything was going great up untill the time for bottling. I started the cyphen from the 6.5 g carboy to the bottling bucket, no big deal right? Wrong. My g** d*** spigot was cracked! How the h*** didn't i see that before i started? Well i'm getting my bottles ready while its goin and it just leaks faster and faster, it gets down to about 1 g left in the carboy and the damn cyphen stops! WTF! I mixed my Dex priming solution in the bucket before i started the cyphen so i'm thinking ok just hurry. So I started filling my bottles. Then I remembered I HAVE ANOTHER GALLON LEFT IN THE CARBOY!!! So i start freakin. I come up with the great idea to just go ahead and pour the rest in the bucket and hope there is enough suggar left for it to prime. So when I finnialy get done fing it all up, my wife comes home and sees the mess! =--( G girl appears out of nowhere and goes nuts. So now i'm left with a F'ed up batch up beer and a pissed off wife. Please God tell me that some of the beer is salvageable...

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Feb 2009
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Oh wow, that sounds like a bad night! I had one of those moments when I decided it would be a good idea to try to put my spent grain down the disposal during a brew and it completely clogged all of the plumbing so my sink started overflowing during my boil. Not a fun day, and I know we've all had a day or two like that when brewing. You'll laugh about it in the future, I promise.

Only time will tell if the bottles got enough sugar to carbonate. Try one in a few weeks and see. If they didn't you can always get some carbonation tablets to drop in and recap.

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Oct 2008
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All will be well, the great beer gods are testing your will. them gods be smart to send wife home in time to test you. Valuable lessons to be learned here, there is, young one.
Land Of OZ, Toto wake up where not at the bar anymore!!!!

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Feb 2010
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My first brew, I ended up spilling half of my grains in the sink and my hops bag broke in the boil (found out later that that was ok, but at the time was a nightmare). I didnt have the right size pot so I did two pots. I didn't even drink a beer during the whole thing, so I was completely frustrated at the end.

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