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Man, some guys have all the luck.

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I don't boycot the big 3 I just don't buy thier beer. Well I haven't really had to buy any beer. For the reason since I started homebrewing I can make a better beer!!! I will try some new micros every now and then. But it is just hard to justify buying beer when you have 20 gals in you keezer. That is just me though.

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Originally Posted by caver95 View Post
Good for you sir. I wish I could say the same, but I got a new iron the other day and it was cheaper from walmart than GoodWill something is wrong with this business modle.
The Goodwill is it's own odd business model. Our local one(s) are selling used clothing at only 25% less (maybe) than brand new stuff. A nice jacket is damn near $60 there, when it's maybe $80 new. I'm not sure when this changed, but I seem to recall being able to buy pretty much anything at the Goodwill for less than $10 (furniture included), now that'll buy you a used, sweat stained T-shirt and a single tie from the 1960s, maybe.

Also, not to be all 'pro-Walmart' or anything, but they employ an ass-load more people (in America) than the big three beer companies ever would, either directly or through their supply-chain. You don't get to be a monopoly in something generic without a rock solid business model. The history channel biography of Sam Walton was actually pretty interesting, I recommend it for anyone who is in a business related field.
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We now have 4 local brewries here in Reno. The newest one called Buckbean brewing company decided to go directly to retail so we've had their beer on the shelves for a couple of years now. My favorite of the 4 brewries is opening a new location this spring and they will have a small bottling line so I expect to see their stuff on the shelves soon. When I heard this news, I almost cried of joy. It means the smaller guys are starting to be succesful enough to compete in local markets. I do my best to avoid the typical BMC products but sometimes it's difficult. Many brands now are owned by the big guys. Although it's not my favorite beer, I do enjoy Bass and Stella Artois once in a while but both are owned by BMC companies. So although I try to avoid BMC, if I'm stuck buying some, I at least try to pick beers that will indicate to them that there is an interest in good beer that's not made with 50% rice or corn and contains more than 2 micrograms of hops.
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Well, my wife likes Coors Light so I buy that from time to time, but in Philly, there's no reason to buy anything but great local beers. I don't recall the last time I bought a BMC for myself. Not exactly a boycott, more of a consumer choice.
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Originally Posted by scrambledegg81 View Post
Just support what you like regardless of the advertising wars that say otherwise.
Well said.

A-B is imploding from the inside; it will be interesting to see what that company looks like in a couple years.
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So I take it that none of you buy from the major auto companies and instead buy Ferrari's, Bentley's and the like. No major appliance companies either, only the smaller really expensive( sub-zero, Viking etc) brands. Of course we all buy only Marc Levinson Audio home theaters systems.....right?

They are what they are....very popular. I don't understand why people who wouldn't think of having a LITE wine, will want a lite beer. Well I do understand, people think that beer is for getting drunk and wine is for fancy events
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Actually, I'm a college student and don't own a car (any more).
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Yeah I typically have a lot of homebrew on hand but I still like trying different microbrews. I still drink BMC at some bars just because they don't carry anything else and if it $1 beer night. So yeeah they don't get much of my money.

As for Walmart, I like it. Cheap, they have everything I could want and it's just down the street. Economically it doesn't make sense for me to drive further to buy the same thing at a higher price.
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but they're still American companies that rely on the American dollar to survive.
They're not American Companies anymore, at least Bud isn't.


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