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Jan 2010
Vancouver, BC
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I just finished watching the documentary, "Beer Wars." Being a young, idealistic college student (full of homebrew, mind you) I've decided to boycott all big three beers and subsidiaries. Who else is with me? As I'm in Canada, the problem is not as large here, but still formidable. Let's send these corporations a message by only buying craft beer (when we don't have any homebrew available, of course).

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Sep 2009
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Calling for a boycot is a bit of a harsh way to go about it imo. Granted, their methods & desire to dominate may be pushing the definitions of corporate monopoly to new and different heights (not to mention I probably piss a better tasting product), but they're still American companies that rely on the American dollar to survive. In my opinion, they give thousands of people a steady income and provide an anchor for the communities they employ (i.e. the last of the "golden" era of the 50's & 60's where communities sprung up around the factories they filled).. My way of "protesting" the big 3 is by consistently supporting my local breweries and brewers both financially and philosophically. It's like Sam Calagione said, you know what you like. Just support what you like regardless of the advertising wars that say otherwise.

Wal-Mart on the other hand...
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Well if you want to play the job game, think of the jobs that could be had if we had 5 times as many micros because BMC didn't exist and people drank good beer. (BTW, Evan's law on post #2.. nice)

I'm with you on the boycot, but only because I don't like their beer. Well and I do refuse to order Blue moon, anything Michalob, etc out of principle. Unlike a lot of people, I sure as hell don't need a beer, and if you don't serve one I'll enjoy, I'll have water.

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Dec 2009
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Originally Posted by scrambledegg81 View Post
Calling for a boycot is a bit of a harsh way to go about it imo.
Wal-Mart on the other hand...
I havent been inside a walmart for 5-6yrs

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Jan 2009
Fort Myers, Florida
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Originally Posted by Houblon View Post
I havent been inside a walmart for 5-6yrs
Good for you sir. I wish I could say the same, but I got a new iron the other day and it was cheaper from walmart than GoodWill something is wrong with this business modle.

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Nov 2007
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I don't usually buy BMC beers, simply because I don't particularly like most of them. Occasionally I'll pick up a pack if they have one of those mail-in rebate thingies because light lagers are excellent for serving-time blending if I end up with a beer that is too oaky, not sufficiently carbonated, etc.

Rather than boycott the big three (which aren't American companies any more), I just promote craft and home-brew whenever I can by sharing great beers with friends and family. I find that a much more effective tool to influence people's beer buying habits than just telling them that they shouldn't buy BMC because their business practices are unethical.

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Dec 2009
Calgary, AB Canada
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You guys read "No Logo"?

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Nov 2008
Kansas City
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Its probably harder to avoid these breweries in Canada as the US has far more independent breweries.

Molson, Labatt's, Rickard's etc are all big 3.

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Oct 2005
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Ahead of the curve by 14 years.
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Jun 2009
Lopez Island, WA
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The best message to send to the macrobrewries: drink what you like. I think I can count the number of BMC beers I've drank in the last decade on one hand. If I do drink something massed produced, it's usually German, Irish, Dutch, or Belgian.
Today I listened to a woman explaining to her young daughter that Sully is not a sequel to Monsters Inc.

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