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Mar 2009
Oakland, CA
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My carbonation is taking longer than it has in the past. I'm wondering if it's because the closet I keep the beer in has been kind of cold lately, close to 60..

my question is, do bottles have to be at 70 to carbonate, or if they are at 60 will they just take a little longer to carbonate?

Also, if yeast can work at much lower temps during fermentation, why does it have to be so much higher for carbonation?


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Nov 2008
Vancouver, BC
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they will take longer, but they should carbonate fine.

To answer your second question, yeast "work better" for beer at lower temps, meaning that they spew off fewer esters/phenols/fusels etc..., which we generally think is 'better' in terms of taste. However, yeast will always do their work faster at higher temperatures. Faster is not always better as it just comes with a downside (esters, phenols, fusel etc...) if they are still propogating. This isn't much of and issue in the conditioning phase because the yeast aren't propogating.

Hope that helps
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Jun 2009
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my apartment is like 64 degrees. They still are usually mildly carbonated at 1 week. well carbonated at 2 weeks, and ready to go at 3 weeks.

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Nov 2009
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Mine are always in the low 60's and they take about 4 weeks to get a nice carb going. 6 weeks and they're perfect for drinking.

I recently remedied the situation and moved them up to a closet where they'll sit at 70.

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Jan 2010
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I'm glad to read this. My Fermentor's thermometer won't go above 62. I'll try my best to leave it in the primary for 3-4 weeks before I bottle it.

My bottles are in a closet nearby and it's a similar situation. I feel like the closet might actually be in the 50s. I've had a few of my first brew and it's been pretty good, just a little on the flat side. I think I've had one that's given me an inch or two of head.

Let's hope the weather picks up a bit.
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Nov 2009
Northfield, Minnesota
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My latest batch just conditioned in two weeks at 62 degrees.
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Aug 2009
Atwater, OH
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Nope, they will only carb at 70F, not 70.5, not 71, not 69, just 70. ;0)

Seriously though, they will just take a bit longer. Depending on how "Big" the beer is will play a role as well. Bigger beers just take longer.
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Mar 2009
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It will take longer than 61 degrees. even longer than 62. etc
Carbonation is the same as fermentation, except on a really small scale.. and the CO2 stays in suspension

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