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A co-worker just got back from Down Under and brought me a little packet of Vegemite spread. I've wiki'd the stuff and see it's made from Brewer's yeast, so then I began thinking about how I could use it in a beer. I'll ferment just about anything.

So... Anyone have an experience or suggestions on how best to use this stuff in a batch? Could I use it in a starter? or?


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I'm not really sure if I'd use it in beer. Vegemite is made from autolyzed yeast. That is, yeast that have gone through their life cycle, sat around then "lysed" or broken open. The compounds in yeast, primarily the glutamates is what gives it the savory/meaty taste. In recent years, the flavor has been described as "umami". Obviously, Vegemite is dead yeast, so it won't ferment anything. At low levels, autolysis flavors offer some complexity in big beers. It is also a contributing flavor to traditional Champagne. Autolysis is generally a flavor we try to avoid in beer.

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You could make vegemite from your brewing yeast, but vegemite itself is not going to ferment anything. It's dead.
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Have you actually tasted it? After you do, you more than likely wouldn't want that taste in your beer. It's an, how should we say it, "acquired" taste.
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Thank your friend then use it as a practical joke on someone. It is not suitable for consumption despite the fact that Australians eat it.
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I spent about 6 months in Australia and its no joke, they love this stuff. I got to a point where for experience sake I would put a very thin spread on a piece of toast and eat it in small bites. Its like black spreadable salt.

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It certainly is an acquired taste. You really don't want it in your beer, it'll just be nasty. If you are really keen you'll want to put it in a stout. My recommendation is to get a couple of bits of toast, butter them (very important!) then thinly spread the vegemite on. I think this is where a lot of people go wrong because it needs to be really, really thin, and you can only get that if the toast has butter/margarine on it.
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I bet you could use it to some extent as a yeast nutrient
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I got the British variety, Marmite, at the English shelf at my supermarket. After experimenting with various ways of "enjoying" it, I found that a very thin layer on Ritz crackers is not bad. You've got to really like salt, though. I can't imagine putting this stuff in my beer.
I got some barley water too, and it is great. Not what I expected.

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Jan 2010
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Lol, its pretty strong taste. Perhaps you could start by making a "tea" with a tiny bit of it and adding to a few bottles at bottling time? Then you won't waste a whole batch, or your jar of vegimite, if it doesn't work out. Also there is only minimal fermentation happening at that point so autolysis shouldn't be an issue?

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