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Apr 2007
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I have a problem with my tail light. when I use the brakes my passenger side tail light blinks really slow and the tai
l lights go out. Any ideas what would cause this or how I can fix it?
damn I gotta brew something

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May 2008
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corroded bulb socket/plug/ground.

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+1 on Mordantly again seem to be following him around tonight. check your grounds and plugs on the tail lights another thing to look at is for a bulb with 2 filaments that has one burned out I had a Semi that played hell with me a while back that turned out to be the Mother F&%*ing bulb. (lost my Arse on that one)
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It would be the brewing equivalent of painting the Sistine Chapel with Crayola Crayons.
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You sir, are a specialist in the art of discovering a welcoming outcome of a particular situation....not a mechanic.

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There is nothing wrong. Your car is simply trying to tell you that you're working too hard and it's time to dance.

Party on!
Jill Mc

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Nov 2008
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So let me get this straight. When you press on the brakes, the passenger light starts blinking slowly?


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Old 02-01-2010, 09:50 PM   #6
Aug 2009
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You've got a mis-wired tail light. It could be a bad ground, but more than liekly you've got the ground for the brake wired through the turn signal. The brake light is feeding power through that circuit when you hit the brakes. Has this car been rear ended? I would guess somebody wired it back together wrong in a body shop...

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Nov 2008
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It's not a Jeep Grand Cherokee, is it? If so, I know 2 other people that have the same issue and have seen it countless times on the road.

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Oct 2009
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Originally Posted by BlackDogBrewing View Post
It's not a Jeep Grand Cherokee, is it? If so, I know THEN THATS YOUR PROBLEM! DRIVE IT OFF A CLIFF AND GET A NEW TRUCK/JEEP.
Fixed above! I hate my Grand Cherokee!!!

Check your wiring or take it to the shop if your not electrically inclined. If its a corroded bulb or socket you will be able to tell by just popping the bulb out and looking at the connection for signs of corrosion. If its wiring... ugg.
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