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I bring my daughter outside to "help", she likes to point at the pot and say "bier" and "hot". She's my mini brewsistant, and likes to walk around with empty bottles and blow in them. I think it all comes down to what you like to do, but I think we can agree you can make GREAT beer from all 3 methods. Sometimes I just want to make a quick extract brew, and sometimes I want to spend 4-5 hours brewing/drinking/relaxing outside.
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And I'd like to see my 1.080 beers ready from grain to glass in a week, and served to me by red-headed twin penthouse pets wearing garter belts and fishnet stockings, with Irish accents, calling me "master luv gun," but we can't always get what we want can we? :)

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You can make great beer with both, but PM is way more fun and interesting, IMO. It's just more fun to make beer from grain, and thereby to be able to control things like attentuation, mouth feel, etc. It's also a lot easier to control color. And you have way more options as to types of beers you can make.

I do AG now, and I love it, but to my mind PM can be just as much fun.

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I just recently went from Extract, to a PM once, and now 3 batches AG. All these batches have been 1 week apart. This has given me a good window to taste the difference of each brew. I can definitely notice the difference in taste between the AG and the Extract. The Extract does tend to have an "extract taste"...hard to explain. And the AG batches are better. You can taste different layers, grains, yeast, water....etc. I tried the PM and it was in between but much better then the normal extract.

Whenever moving it up to next phase of brewing I recommend making yourself a check list with everything laid out and prepared. You will run into problems every time, but less if you have it written right in front of you. I highly suggest you give it a shot. Even if your first PM has problems by the 2nd or 3rd you will be happy you did, and probably move to all grain.

Ingredients: Jamil's Taddy Porter, O'flannagin stout, 15 min extract pale ale.
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"....yeast have to start growing an army to best eat the sugar, so they have a wild orgy and then make a bunch of yeast babies." - Revvy

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One advantage to partial mash is having the ability to use grains/adjuncts you can't in an extract only batch. You can use maris otter malt, flaked corn, oats, etc, in a partial mash.

I think a great first partial mash recipe would be an oatmeal stout- something you just can't make with extract only.
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I think the biggest difference is in the "freshness" of the grain flavor. Even just steeping helps immensely over pure extract. It's not really any harder to go from steeping to PM though and you get access to a lot larger variety of grains at the cost of time. Flexibility and control are what you get by changing to PM (or AG) - quality is more about fresh ingredients and strict process...

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Originally Posted by craigd View Post
I think the biggest difference is in the "freshness" of the grain flavor. Even just steeping helps immensely over pure extract.
If thats the case, then you're getting old extract.

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