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Unless it is a Barleywine or an imperial stout where the ABV is approaching double that of my normal brews, I don't care.

Even then I just want to generally have some idea that they pack more punch than the others.

I care about efficiency, and I want to know when fermentation is done, but beyond that I care not.

I like to think I brew just for the beauty of the beer. I guess I don't see why some people seem to care A LOT.

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Cause they just want to get tanked.

I rarely even check FG anymore by anything other than taste.

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I only care about ABV insomuch that the beer continues to be balanced and to whichever style the recipe is based on.

Some of my favorite beers are session beers. Some of my least favorite, huge RIS and barleywines.

If I'm looking to tie one on, I'll get a handle and give it a few pulls..
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I agree. I think most of us drink beer because we enjoy it, and as such, ABV doesn't matter any further than determining if a beer is to style. The fascination a few people have with ABV, I think, is due solely to their desire to get a quick buzz and perhaps their immaturity as a consumer of alcohol.
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I take a sample after fermentation is complete, for a taste test. Since I have a sample I get a FG and calculate it. I just keep in mind that 100's or thousands of years ago the only available test was taste.

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The nerd in me always wants to know everything about my brew.

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I only take FG of my own recipes. If I am using a kit I don't.

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Originally Posted by cheezydemon3 View Post
I like to think I brew just for the beauty of the beer.
This is why I brew. Making beer is a reasonable escape from the duties of real life!
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I brew to style..not to make high octane beer.

Nothing wrong with those who do. We all do this hobby for our own reasons, which are all 'right' as far as I'm concerned.

I need to try out my refractometer soon...
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I don't make my beer to get hammered. I do like to know what the ABV is so that I can guage how many that I've had. Plus I'd like to know if the ABV is to style "if" I wanted to enter it in a competition. Most of the time though I brew what house styles that I like and I do check the FG so that I don't end up with bottle bombs.

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