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Old 07-20-2005, 08:13 AM   #1
Apr 2005
Dublin, Ireland
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Well I was out and about Dublin last nite and went into the new Porterhouse bar (they have 2 already in Dublin - it's a microbrewery) and after ordering my usual, I noticed signs for a Hemp Beer. So I had to have one.
The aroma and flavour was very reminiscient of Holland for me - a definite smell and taste of Weed|hemp|ganja|bud. But unfortunately there cannot have been any THC in the beer, as it's totally illegal in Ireland. Shame. Tough beer to get through though - wouldn't have too many in a night, the taste was so strong, it kind of overpowered any other flavours. Nice for a change though!
Anyone else ever come across a Hemp beer???
Here's the blurb for it in case anyone wants to try recreate it...

"Using pure crystal, ale and wheat malts, spiced with nugget, chinook and cascade hops with a late kettle addition of hemp, this golden pale ale weighing in at 5%ABV possess a wonderful herb characteristic."

in case you're over in Dublin.

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Jul 2005
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Interesting use of hemp, which isn't quite the same as it's cousin that has all the THC. Rope, clothing, paper, oil, lots of uses for the plant. Hemp clothing is tougher and longer wearing than linen, and much more so than cotton.

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andre the giant
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May 2005
Southeast Missouri, USA
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Just think... Brewing weed beer would get you stoned. Drinking weed beer would get you stoned. Stoned and drunk. Wow. I get parinoid just thinking about it.
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Jun 2005
Bloomington, Indiana
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Well, THC is soluble in alcohol, right? So, if you dry hopped a good amount of it... or maybe it would work better if you first isolated the THC with vodka and then just added it into the wort? PURELY hypothetically thinking here
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Jun 2005
Dallas, Texas
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That could slightly increase the cost of production. I am not very familier with the cost of weed, but it doesn't just grow on tree's you know... or... hmm wait nevermind.

Old 07-20-2005, 04:58 PM   #7
uglygoat's Avatar
Jan 2005
Clebland, OH
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best to just smoke it and have a homebrew me thinks....
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Old 07-20-2005, 06:30 PM   #8
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Jun 2005
Eagle MI
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Originally Posted by t1master
best to just smoke it and have a homebrew me thinks....

Old 07-22-2005, 12:43 AM   #9
sudsmonkey's Avatar
May 2005
Deepest, darkest Eastern NC
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Interesting.... I had it on a pizza once, under a doctor's close supervision , of course, but never in beer. Perhaps our Bro. AlaskaAl(e) could experiment for us. Simply for curiosity's sake. I think brewing quantities are semi- legal in his part of the world.

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El Pistolero
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May 2005
Houston, Baja Oklahoma
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Originally Posted by sudsmonkey
Interesting.... I had it on a pizza once, under a doctor's close supervision , of course, but never in beer.
Yeah, I had some in a brownie once...also under the close supervision of a doctor...at least he said he was a doctor...had kind of a long name...dr john dr john i'm your medicine man, or something like that anyway I think...if I could just remember
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