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I'm feeling bogged down by all the negativity around here today, and all the silly arguments over nothing. I need to go to my happy place- BEER!

So, since I'm a positive person, I want to know from all of you:

Describe the best homebrew you've ever had. Tell the circumstances, including who made the beer and the type of brew it was. If you've ever recreated it yourself, or if it was YOUR beer, please post the recipe along with what you might do differently next time.
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Nov 2008
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My buddy's that was a five-year old barleywine he brought over Christmas Eve. Or perhaps my same friend's Wee Heavy that I helped him brew early Jan. 2009. I still have 24 bottles that I'm going to let age for years.

Here is his write-up on the Wee heavy.
A Strong Scotch Ale "Wee Heavy" by the name of BIG MOTHER won the most recent Hawg Haus competition. It is a version of the late Dr. John Griffins 140/160 schilling recipe. The only real changes in the recipe were the use of the White Labs Edinburgh yeast strain, and the addition of some melanoidin malt. I felt that Dr. john would approve.
I attempted to follow his lengthy proceedure for this monster of a beer. I've brewed it three times in as many years and never come close to the gravity intended. Dr. john would do two mashes for a five gallon batch only retrieving the sweetest, maltiest wort. For my ten gallon system I mashed three times. Call me lazy.
This recipe shows the total grain bill not individual mashes which were divided evenly across the board.
60 lbs Golden promise malt
4 lbs Carapils
2 lbs Crystal 20
2 lbs Crystal 60
2 lbs Crystal 90
2 lbs Crystal 120
8 oz Black barley
2 lbs Melanoidin malt
6 oz East Kent Goldings hops
WLP Edinburgh Yeast strain with 2.5 liter starter Ferment beginning at 68 degrees reducing to 65 over the first three days.
After two weeks there was visible activity in the carboy. I racked into secondary and let sit for a month at a cool 58-60. This caused a problem at bottling since the yeast was all worn out. A month before the competition I popped open a few bottles and sprinkled some American Ale dry yeast in each. I sprinkled just enough to cover the surface and held at room temp. Hey it worked. Now I need to do the same with the rest. S.G. 1.112 after 2 hour boil. F.G. 1.030 The massive grain bill has allowed me to make a beer off the second runnings that still has a starting gravity of 1.055. Quite tasty too.
The name BIG MOTHER came from more than just the obvious. It was the name of Neil Sparks chopper he flew under fire in Vietnam. He was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroism. BIG MOTHER sustained damage from hostle fire but managed to get home after recovering a very alive and thankful Bud Verich. Thanks Neil, and thanks to Dr. John for the inspiration.

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Nov 2009
Bellingham, Washington
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Denny Conn's Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter. Simply Superb.
Primary 1: Bellingham Saison
Bottled/Kegged: Cascadian Dark Ale, Belgian Tripel

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Charlie P's Palilalia Pale Ale!! My own brew...I just LOVE this stuff! Going to attempt an AG version this Sunday.

I don't know anyone else who brew's so I have nothing to compare.
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My brew pal's B. Dubbel. Outstanding.
- Andrew

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We get it, you hate BMC.
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I'd have to list two. The first is my IPA made using a basic grist of 2-row, munich, and light crystal along with half a pound of simcoe pellets.

The second is a pale ale made simply from applewood smoked 2-row and a nominal bittering hop addition.
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Dec 2007
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there are quite a few home brewers that hang out at my local brewery & i've had some really good beers be it all grain, partial or extract. but there have been a couple of standouts.

a partial mash Belgium Jasmine Trippel that was brewed by the assist brewer. another outstanding beer from the same fellow was a 3 yr old 12% Belgium Quad from extract.

from another friend of the brewery was an excellent all grain 10% RIS that he won a local competition with. the prize was to have his beer brewed at a brew pub.

there have been many others that includes wine, mead, cider & spirits.

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Jan 2009
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My Extra Stout and Irish Red. I love those beers. My others beers have been great, but those are excellent. I'm trying to perfect 6 different beers. This guy I work with made an awesome Porter, one of the best porters I've had to date.

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Old 01-23-2010, 01:15 AM   #9
Dec 2009
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The best home brew i ever had is a honey porter i brewed on 1/4/2010.It was uncarbed and siphoned out of my secondary.It has to be the best because It's the only home brew I've had yet,It's still sitting in secondary.

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1 beer short of a sixer
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Nov 2008
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My favorite so far was my first...a Brewer's Best Robust Porter.

It showed me what I could do with a little patience and know-how. And it was a doorway to a new and exciting path with BEER at the end of the road.

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