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Oct 2006
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I accidently frooze my cider in individual water bottles of my first ghetto rigged batch and proceded to extract all the water from it until it wont accidently freeze no more, therefore reducing the risk of me using it to put on a cut and get a peice of me causing extreme pain...

About how much apv you think it has? i mad about 3/4 of a gallon down to about 7oz.

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Jul 2006
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If it won't frooze any more in your dorm froozer, you probably have at least 50 proof (25% ABV) swill. It might be higher in alcohol content, but it'd be hard to measure in the average dorm room.

Here's how to try:
Drink all 7 oz at once.
If you tell long, boring stories that amuse only you, it's about 15% ABV.
If the fat chick down the hall starts to look hot, it's about 20% ABV.
If you invite her into your room, it's about 25% ABV.
If everything she says is stimulating, you're looking at 30% ABV
If the room starts spinning, it's around 40% ABV
If you're too drunk to seal the deal with her, it's just about right.
If you puke at any point, start over.
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Oct 2006
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or, i can give it to the hot friend...

if its 15 shell be glassy eyed
if its 20 shell think i have a 6 pack
if its 25 she wont care that i have a gf
if its 30 she wont care she has a bf
if its 40 shell be in my bed
if its any more shell either be throwing up or passed out, either way ill be arrested for rape.

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Aug 2006
BC, Canada
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This is funny, but its funnier after a few homebrew
the Nurse wants to know

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Sep 2006
Auckland, New Zealand
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Hehe, this is funny, I love it how in New Zealand it doesn't have to be "accidental", I can distill all I want, and its legal! haha and I'm 16! - but does it really matter how strong it is? just so long as it tastes alright and still has an ok kick to it.
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Old 11-23-2006, 05:14 PM   #6
Jan 2006
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It doesn't matter how strong it is, just so long as you don't blow yourself up doing it, or poison yourself, you should be fine.
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