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Originally Posted by WIP View Post
He mentioned Agave. Agave has a lot less sugar in it than honey. I am wondering if it will ferment as well as honey. I would think that it would leave some of that flavor. That is just my thought though.
I've tasted a beer with Agave. It left no Agave flavor and merely dried out the beer, much like honey does.

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I just brewed a 10gal batch of i guess you would call Honey Beer. I added 2lbs of honey malt to the mash. The hydro samples taste great but it will sit in primary for another week to make around 2 to 2 1/2 weeks. Mine was more of an APA. Opps just saw this was in extract brewing. sorry.


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Originally Posted by DavidSteel View Post
Yeah, I'd put it in at flame-out or sometime between flameout and the chill (though, I wouldn't recommend the second one). I want to add honey to an IIPA of mine to thin it out and add a small undertone of flavor, but I'm still 'in the woods' about the whole thing. I'm thinking about adding 1lb of honey to a 8-9% (at 65-75% efficiency) to bump up the % to 9 and to dry it out. A lot of IIPA's add dextrose corn sugar to dry it out, but I'm thinking honey will add a small bit of flavor and work the same as corn sugar.

Consider making a IIPA if you want an emphasis on honey. You could probably put in 2.5-3lbs that way, if you really wanted to.. I'd probably suggest mashing at a higher temp though.
I just did this. Made a 9.5% IIPA with 3lbs of honey added at flame out. I could have saved myself 20 bucks and just used corn sugar. There is absolutely no honey flavor or aroma that i can detect. And if there is a subtle one, it is masked by the hop aromas. It did however help to dry out the beer, which is the main reason i used it.

I think if you want honey flavor, you need to go with a relatively neutral base beer that doesn't have alot of hops or specialty grains. But that's just my opinion.

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Add the honey at 140 degrees it will still pasturize the honey but retain the flavors. One of the local guys at my LHBS had some honey ale and it was a very pronounced flavor. Plus most braggots state to add it at this temp if I recall.

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Adding honey to the brew pot is like ripping up a $5 bill. Do a search for honey on this site and you will find many threads on it. I think the expert consensus was to add honey to the primary 2-3 days after fermentation starts.
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