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Ditto on US-05 and Notty below 65F. US-05 up to 75F.
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US-05 @ 60F internal temp or pacman too

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wy1056 is very crisp

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Bread yeast

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Originally Posted by brrman View Post
I find US-05 a great yeast. WY1056 tends to be clean for me as well. Water quality will likely come into play though.
I've *heard* that those are the same strain of yeast....Chico or something....
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Has anyone attempted to use a champagne yeast?

I have been using that for my Apfelweins so far and it's extremely clean.

I'm curious what it would do in a beer.

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Originally Posted by PiMaxC View Post
Has anyone attempted to use a champagne yeast?

I have been using that for my Apfelweins so far and it's extremely clean.

I'm curious what it would do in a beer.
I just came across this on Wyeast's "New and Notable" section of FAQs at:
I am making a high alcohol Barleywine at 12% and really want to make it as sparkling as champagne at 4 vols or more. I am looking to make the beer in the Champagnois method and disgorge, though it might not be possible. I have heard that dropping a bit of wine yeast (or this one English yeast that can go to 25%abv) into it in order to carb it up. I have heard that the alcohol will prove to be a bit tough on the yeast. What would you advise in order to make the beer sparkling enough and at the same time be able to have the yeast survive? What yeast should I use? I am really looking to be able to make this over the course of a few months, so the starter I think is most important. Do you have any suggestions? Matt

Hi Matt, Thank you for the email. A Champagne strain (Wyeast 4021) will be an excellent choice for bottle conditioning this beer. Additional sugar (dextrose or sucrose) will be required at bottling. Bottle condition with 1-1.5 million cells per ml. Wine strains will readily ferment simple sugars and are alcohol tolerant; however they will struggle with larger malt sugars making Champagne yeast a poor choice for primary fermentation. 1084 Irish Ale will be a nice strain for your primary fermentation. I hope that this helps. Cheers, Greg [emphasis added]

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I've actually found wyeast 1007 german ale to be pretty clean, almost lager-like, if you ferment cold, below 60. It does not floc out very well though, so keep that in mind. I made an oktoberfest ale with it, kept it at 59 the whole time and had excellent results.

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I used WLP060 American Ale Blend for a cream ale a year or so ago and thought it came out very clean. Since then I've been using US05 for lighter beers, but have been thinking I should use the WLP060 again.

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I use Notty a lot. But S-04 is the cleanest, fastest most attentuative (new word) I have ever seen. I use it on my milds but might try it on a dry stout. It is crazy fast. Great for 1 week beers.

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