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Nov 2009
Fremont, CA
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What are people's opinions on what is absolutely the cleanest yeast on the market that can ferment at ale temperatures. Dry or liquid, preferable dry.

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May 2009
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US-05 has been my go-to.

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Oct 2007
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I've done US-05 and Nottingham. Both give me clean results.
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Oct 2006
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I find US-05 a great yeast. WY1056 tends to be clean for me as well. Water quality will likely come into play though.
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My favorite neutral ale yeast hands down is US-05. I use it for probably 99% of my brews.
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Nov 2009
Fremont, CA
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I love US-05 as well but it seems to act very differently at different temperatures. At 62f it almost seems as clean as a lager yeast. However, at 72f it seems very different. Last year I inadvertantly made an almost Kristal Weisse like beer after fermenting 05 at around 72f. I am very interested in Safale -04 as well. It doesn't seem like a traditional English ALe Yeast to me. In my experience it is also a very clean yeast and flocks out much better than 05. What is also interesting is that Morebeer sells S-05 with some of their Kolsch kits; this confirms that, when fermented at the lowest end of the ale range, S-05 is SUPER CLEAN. Has anyone else experienced this? What I would really like to be able to do is make super clean, crisp lager like ales without having to go down as low into the lager temp range. THese new dry yeasts are really amazing and I think they are more versatile and have more potential than we have yet to realize.

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Jun 2008
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I am currently fermenting 12 lbs. of German Pils with an ale yeast and am keeping it cool, hoping for a clean clear beer (.75 oz Magnum for bittering and 2 oz of Saaz for flavor/aroma).

I chilled the wort to 45 degrees and put it in a water bath, also at 45, before pitching with rehydrated US-05 -- I love Boston water, especially in the winter.

The water bath rose to about 55 in 24 hours and the airlock started bubbling. It is now at 59-60 and I'll keep it there for a few days then slowly raise it up. While I don't have temp control for lagers, I'm expecting to get something clean and crisp for summer drinking.

I will lager this for a few months in the back hall at about 40 to clear it up as much as possible.
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Sep 2009
North Dakota
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I am %100 sold on nottingham ale yeast fermented 64-68 degrees and not a touch warmer.

However, US-05 is nice too....IMO it is a little less attenuative (close though) and does not clear or floc as well. Good yeast though for sure.

I don't have firsthand experience with it, but Rogue Pacman is allegedly the cleanest.

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Sep 2007
Grand Forks, ND, USA
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US-05 for me, though I used to use Notty a lot and liked it. The only problem with it, as indicated above, is that it gets pretty estery at around 70 or higher, whereas I find US-05 a little more tolerant at that spot.

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Aug 2008
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I'll add Pacman to the list since nobody else has mentioned it. Fantastic clean fermenting yeast.

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