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Originally Posted by beer4breakfast
What about people?
You hit it on the head here really. Cheese mentioned having a 'Pet Wolf'. All dogs are just that, what ever size or breeding. They look to the Top Dog in the pack. They need a BOSS. A PERSON!!!
That's where a lot of people fail. THE BOSS should be a RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNER. THEY'RE responsible to train/socialize the dog. THEY'RE responsible to ensure the dog doesn't cause a menace to either other people or animals.
'Dog attacks' in the UK are reported in the Papers, but only if it's a Rottweiller, Mastiff or Alsatian.
Labradors or Jack Russells bite more people daily in the UK but Hey! Those breeds either originated in or have been in Britain for ages so it's old news.....

My Staffie shares the house/back yard with (apart from the us) an older fox terrier cross, a buck rabbit and various other dogs that come and go (A family member 'dog sits' for people when they holiday). No problems.
The rabbit is a real worry however......

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Originally Posted by Cheesefood
I'm a total dog lover, but this is one breed that has no need to exist. I don't care what anyone says about them, it's a brutally aggressive dog. It's like having a pet wolf. I say to let the pit bull go extinct.
That's simply not a true statement. There's absolutely nothing inherently aggressive about pits, it's just that they are so often trained for fighting. My mutt is half pit bull (at least), and he's a sweetheart. He COULD f*ck you up if he wanted to, but he's no more aggressive than any other dog.
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Along the pit bull lines - just think of the name. They ARE bred for aggressive-ness and strength. A beagle could flip out and want to fight you, but it wouldn't be that big a deal. A pit bull could kill you and a bunch of your neighbors. In my honest estimation, less than half of pit bull owners are responsible enough to own them.

Anout the original thread here? Lately? The Shins - one of the most promising indie bands in a while. Next album should be amazing. Stephen Malkmus - the brains behind Pavement can still write with the best of 'em, Face the Truth was landmark for his solo career. Two Gallants - their latest, and second, album has more concentrated emotional blues/rock/folk energy than their youth suggest. Iron and Wine - endless talent here.

I still can't ditch the Neil Young (Tonight's the Night, Everyboyd Knows...., Ragged Glory, Sleeps With Angels, Zuma, On the Beach), the Stones (EXILE, Goat Head's, Let It Bleed, Some Girls), Creedence (all except Mardi Gras), Dylan (Highway 61, Blonde on Blonde), Beatles (LEt It Be, Abbey Road, Revolver). That group just never gets old.

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""All the strength of a bulldog bred with the aggessiveness of a terrier!

I'm a total dog lover, but this is one breed that has no need to exist. I don't care what anyone says about them, it's a brutally aggressive dog. It's like having a pet wolf. I say to let the pit bull go extinct.""

Anyone who has ever owned or know a pitbull, or staff, (because they are the same breed) knows that they are THE most reliable, stable, and trustworthy breed. Anyone who has not, is just talking out there a$$.

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I saw a headline scroll by at the bottom of the TV screen on CNN this past Friday that said that owner's of pit bulls, as a group, tend to have a higher number of criminal convictions than owners of gentler breeds.

I wonder if this sort of meaningless tidbit is part of an effort at laying the groundwork for making it illegal to own a pit bull? Wouldn't surprise me, if so.

Here's a similar news article Bad dogs tend to happen to bad people. How's that for neutral reporting?

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