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Jan 2010
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So I have a batch of beer I am planning to start soon and a good part of it I plan to gift out to friends. Recently a friend made a joke about me giving to people in mason jars much like good ole boys do with shine. At first it was just something to laugh at but the more I thought about it the more it seemed like a good idea in theory. So my question is this, has anyone on here tried to bottle, or should I say jar beer into mason jars? If so what results did you get? Anything I should make sure to look out for? Reasons to avoid this?

I am still pretty new to brewing/bottling and have not got the experience under my belt that I know some of the people on here have. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Apr 2009
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I think that mason jars are designed to handle a vacuum, not pressure. It's the vacuum that seals the lid, and I don't know what the glass can handle.

Can you just have them over and SERVE in the Masons?
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I don't know if they would do well with the pressure. Otherwise not good because of the clear glass also. I wouldn't reccomendd it.

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Mason jars are not pressure vessels they are low vacuum vessels. You run a serious risk of bottle bombs.
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Mason jars are not ment to hold pressure, they will shatter, and they are not made of tempered glass. you may try it with people you don't really like first.

Drink them in good health
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clear glass = skunky beer. however...if you kept them in the dark until the minute you consumed them and never ever ever EVER let them see light, i can't think of a reason it wouldn't work. you'd have to tighten the bands pretty tightly.

my only concern would be the pressure. with canning, you deal with high temps cooling and creating a vacuum sucking everything in on itself. beer is reversed and the pressure is expanding. i don't know what the physics are like with that. i know when i can you sometimes have bubbles around the edge until the cans cool and everything's pressurized.

edit: those guys up there are fast!

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I have a friend who uses mason jars as growlers so to speak. He has a 4-tapper system and usually fills several (8) quart sized mason jars just before a homebrew meeting. It fits in his soft cooler well and they are easily stackable.

Not sure what CO2 pressure he uses but I imagine its less than 2.5 volumes.

If you don't use them with primed beer I'd say you are OK.
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May 2009
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FWIW...i did a mason jar full of mead to age in the back of a cabinet with no priming sugar and had no ill effects. tasted just like the rest of the batch in swingtops.

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Drink out of them, but don't bottle in them.

They work by creating a vacuum when you can under pressure... WHen you put your food in the jar, seal the jar and stick it inside the boiling water bath, the vacuum draws the seal downward or inward that's why the dimple on a can is supposed to be pushed inward, and if you ever come a cross a can where it is bulging outward you are in trouble...

When you bottle, the gas builds up til it maxes out the head room (held in place by the crimped cap or the cork with wire or the gasket on a grolh bottle.....The co2 hits the barrier, maxes it and then goes back into solution/

With a mason jar you would either blow the seal and all the co2 would escape or if you were lucky enough that the seal held, more than likely the glass of the jar would explode and you would have a nice bottle grenade....
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Mason jars are my favorite everyday beer drinking vessel. They are big enough to hold a 12 oz beer plus foam. They have a wider base than a shaker glass (those cone shaped glasses everyone passes off as pint glasses). They also taper at the top which traps in aromatics. I doubt I'd try to bottle in them though.

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