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Feb 2010
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I'll be the odd guy out in this conversation. I did the extract version of NB Caribou Slobber and hated it. Mine turned out very bitter -> astringent and even after six months had to choke it down to free up the bottles. The bitterness just lingered on the tongue. This was only my third 5 gallon batch of beer so I may have messed it up some how, but I really haven't changed my methods and haven't had any problems since to speak of. I bought a sixer of Moose Drool to see if mine was close and it was completely different.

Just my $0.02 on this one.
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Jan 2011
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I brewed this beer back in February and I think it turned out great. I did a side by side comparison and it doesn't taste exactly the same, but it's still very good. To me the Moose drool has a different malty flavor than the clone does. This may change as it ages a bit though. Mine didn't have a bitter taste at all though.

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Jun 2010
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Yeah Moose Drool shouldn't be bitter at all. If it's the yeast is similar to Big Sky's it should be done and ready to go in no time (their yeast goes nuts and can handle higher alcohol). I fermented an imp porter with it from 1.085 to 1.012 in 3 days...maybe. It flocculates pretty quick too. Anyways I'll be at the brewery in 15 mins once I get off work

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Mar 2010
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Can You Brew It Moose Drool Clone

10.8 lbs domestic pale malt or 7.4 lbs pale LME
5.5 ounces chocolate malt 400l
1.25 lbs crystal 75-80
0.5 ounce black patent 525l

1.4 oz (41g) EKG 4.75AA @60m
0.6 oz (14g) Williamete @10m
0.6 oz (14g) Liberty @ 0m

Mash @154F

Jamil stated that you could increase IBUs by 5 and keep the gravity or decrease OG by 4 degrees and keep the bitterness the same. It may be slightly closer to the original.
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Mar 2009
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I have done the extract Caribou Slobber and LOVED IT. One of my favorites!

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Mar 2011
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i did a clone from ahs, partial mash but i loved it one of my best to date
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Originally Posted by governorkc View Post
I have had the slobber in secondary for about 2 weeks. gravity is 1012. it tastes really watery. anyone experience this? I made a 5 gallon partial mash batch. I am wondering if i should let is sit longer or just carb it and condition for a couple weeks. I was really looking forward to this one...
Same thing with mine, really not sure why. It is carbing right now, maybe that will help?
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Dec 2011
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Originally Posted by Furmental View Post
Same thing with mine, really not sure why. It is carbing right now, maybe that will help?
I'm sure he's done drinking it

I have the recipe on my desk and it will be in the next three batches.

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Jan 2012
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I have brewed caribou slobber twice now from extract kit and it shouldn't be bitter at all. Very smooth brown ale. It reminds me so much of Samual Smiths nut brown ale it is not even funny. Now I am no beer snob and may be way off with that but thats what it taste like to me.

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Feb 2012
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I hate to necromance this thread, but I just opened a Caribou Slobber that was in primary for 4 weeks, then 2 weeks in bottles. I will have to say that it is a bit on the watery side, though it seems that it has the potential to be a nice change of pace session beer. I used Windsor for my brew.

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