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Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
You're reading out dated material pretty

Believe me, after three years of doing the long primary/ no secondary I find no need to go back to doing it any other way. The quality of my beers has upped 10 ten fold.

As have my scores in contests.
Thanks man I feel much better now. Can't wait to try the Octoberfest this weekend

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Originally Posted by cheezydemon3 View Post
I don't filter at all. Hop particles make it into my primary. I find that you are exactly right, but that a secondary still cuts the sediment in half.

It's not that I want a beer with no sediment, it is easily left in the bottle, but it is just the process I use.
I don't filter at all, sometimes even dumping my entire kettle contacts into the bucket, and half the time I forget to add finnings like moss in my boil. It;s not complicated, I leave my beer alone for 1 month. Then rack to a bottling bucket and bottle. and I've never even cold crashed I don't have a sediment issue whatsoever. Maybe ymmv, but I have had no problems with leavin gmy beer in primary and having them come out crystal clear and very bright tasting after a month.
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My findings are similar to Revvy. I always leave my beer in primary for 4-6 weeks. No trub in the bottle issues either. One of the best moves I've made next to late addition of malt and other fermentables to the boil. These 2 things have increased my quality 100 fold really.

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In an attempt to resuscitate this old thread rather than start a new one on such a similar topic, yeast aside, is there any benefit or detriment to fermenting on a specific amount of hop material and sediment from the boiler in with the beer?

I often leave some behind, but when I hit my target volumes or over boil, it ALL ends up in the fermenter. I am of the mind that those biomass chunks will continue to positively affect the beer through the initial portion of the primary ferment.

Is my assumption right or wrong?

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Check out the experiment that brulosophy did you compare lots of trub in the primary vs a little amount. It seems like it does make a difference, but it depends on the results you are after.

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That article is fantastic! The first 5 or 6 paragraphs support what I've been claiming all along. I'm not a clubber, but if I was, I'm sure this would be the most contentiously argued point at the monthly home brewer's meetings for years to come. With this article in hand, I'd be all "up in their faces". At least as up in yo' face as an old man can get. Thanks for posting it!

Sidebar...I went to a local home brew club brew session once. Once was enough. Nice enough group of people, but 30 cooks in the kitchen?!!! By the time they were ready to cool wort I wanted to defecate on the driveway, make ugly faces at two women and hide the refractometer.

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