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Jan 2010
Coralivlle, IA
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My first batch of beer hasn't even been fermenting for a week and I'm hooked. All I do anymore is look up recipes and read about brewing. I'm thinking that pretty soon I'm going to buy a case of Grolsh (sp) and drink it so I can get some sweet swing type bottles/caps. I'm thinking about taking the second mr beer that I bought as a birthday gift for my father in law and starting my first extract recipe (not Mr. Beer from a can). I'm this close to buying a couple Ale Pales so I can make bigger batches. I'm pretty sure PM brewing is in the not to distant future. This is going to end up costing me a lot of money and really annoying my wife.

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Welcome to HBT and brewing!

Yes, it will cost you lots of money and may annoy your wife.

Looking up recipes, reading about brewing, and hanging out on HBT talking about brewing ALL THE TIME sounds pretty normal to me.

Get yourself a couple of pails, start drinking to get bottles, and get a few 5 gallon recipes going ASAP and you will be just fine.
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Oct 2008
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If you buy your equipment with an eye towards the future you can save quite a bit of money, I purchased several items I rarely use anymore. But the gadgets are half the fun!
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Ok, my two cents.. You will likely need lots of bottles... Save money by going to your local bottle return center/store and snatch up as many of the crown top bottles that you can. Remove the labels by soaking them in a warm oxiclean solution for a couple of hours. In Michigan bottle deposits are 10 cents... which is what the store/center will typically sell the returned ones to you for. But, new bottles cost $1.00. So save a bunch of money and get yourself some nice "used" bottles.
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Feb 2009
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Originally Posted by EonBlue66 View Post
If you buy your equipment with an eye towards the future you can save quite a bit of money, I purchased several items I rarely use anymore. But the gadgets are half the fun!
This.. I would just skip bottling. I did it twice and could not stand it.

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Dec 2009
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Originally Posted by danculwell View Post
This is going to end up costing me a lot of money and really annoying my wife.
I'm lucky in that my wife is pretty tolerant to my hobbies. She refers to the garage as 'the still' now...

But, the first part of your sentence? Yah, it can. My trips to the local HB shop to get grain should only run me about $25 but, usually wind up near $100 in new equipment. Then there's all the little trips to the hardware store because I had 'an idea'. It adds up quick...

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Jun 2009
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to save money:

use the free online brewing software (recipator, and brewcalcs, etc)
use the brew in a bag method instead of building a mashtun
buy hops bulk from hopsdirect
don't get into kegging
use the "bath" method to regulate ferm temps instead of a built chamber
use dry yeast

I follow the above and have managed to save a lot of money (im a grad student who lives in "noble poverty.")

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Jul 2009
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Here's a homebrew club in Iowa City.

Merlot Barrel Russian Imperial Stout
Vanilla Belgian Stout
Hard Cider
Tripel w/wine tannins

Dark Strong

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May 2009
Los Angeles
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When I first started brewing, I bought a bunch of beers with those swing-top caps and used them, but nowadays I just don't use those bottles at all. I like the regular 12oz crown caps better. The Grolsch-style bottles are a pain because IMO they are more difficult to clean and sanitize properly, don't fit into "standard" boxes and carriers, don't fit on my pantry shelves and are more difficult to replace when a couple go inevitably missing or get broken.

I still have a few sitting on a shelf, but have considered just getting rid of them several times.

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Oct 2009
Grand Junction, CO
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Welcome to WBT and the addiction/obsession! I just started brewing last September and have allready invested more than a grand into this! Thankfully I have a SWMBO that suports my expensive habits (fishing and brewing). Now just get your pipline going and enjoy the ride

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