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Feb 2008
South Dakota
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I wanted to brew Saturday, but it was close to -30F when I got up. Guess I could've done a small batch inside on the stove or something...

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in alaska if you can go outside you can brew, so if i work at temps to -50 with out wid chill then im brewing but i do everything but boil inside, no need to be a total caveman

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Jan 2009
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I think it was about 10 degrees here when I was brewing last night.

No way to cool? I just left it on the stand until it got down to ~70.

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Oct 2006
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Originally Posted by jrock56 View Post
in the Delaware/Philly area. It was effin effin today!

We made a stout in the 20 degree weather with 40mph gusts.
The discharge from the wort chiller instantly froze to the driveway!

just curious
I did the same thing. It was 15F here today and made a stout as well... painful but worth it!
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Aug 2009
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i brew all grain, so have to really be outside with the keggles. I can have it in the garage for a good part of it, but when using the counterflow chiller, its just easier to be outside.

Did an IPA on Friday and a stout on Saturday

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May 2007
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Supposed to be 77 here today. Might be too warm for my liking.

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Apr 2009
Canada, eh!
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Ok, we were brewing in a garage, but try THIS one:
Brewing in December, I'm up the road here a bit in the mid-west of Canada, and temps outside when we turned on the brew kettles was.....

-32 Celsius. That's -25F.

Needless to say: lots of icing of garage windows and...hah...the garage door froze to the concrete, we had to chip it to let the space cool down when at the end of the HUMID brewday, we had an internal temperature of 28.9 C, or 84F.

Whee! Dress in layers!

Good beer drinker's diet plan, though. Make beer, drink beer, sweat from the enclosed garage humidity. Lose the calories. repeat.
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Jan 2010
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One time an apartment building was on fire, so, after saving all the tenants, I just waltzed on in and set my brew kettle in the raging inferno. Really had to adjust my evaporation calcs, let me tell you!

That pot sure was hot afterwards. Thankfully, it was 20 Kelvin outside, so I just slapped on the oven mitts and hauled the kettle across the street. Best cold break ever.

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Old 01-05-2010, 10:49 PM   #29
Oct 2009
Anchorage, AK
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Try brewing in this environment:

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Oct 2009
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i brewed last weekend in about 5F weather. full boil.

put the pot on my driveway at 6:15. took two hours to get down to 75.

It's a bit counter-intuitive, but, at least for me, chilling is the hardest part of winter brewing. putting it in a cold ambient environment doesn't do much for cooling 5+ gallons of boiling water.

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